I spoke to young students and doctors at Nizari Community Hall arranged by Aga Khan Health Board for Karimabad, Karimabad Area Community, Karachi on Sunday, 18 June 2017 about medical practice in the UK.


Contents of the Session

I discussed the following during the session:

  1. Objectives of the session
  2. FCPS pathway.
  3. Training structure in Pakistan.
  4. The importance of completing internship (House Job) in the home country.
  5. Whether working abroad is a good idea.
  6. Training structure in the UK.
  7. Training opportunities in the UK.
  8. Pathways for working in the UK.
  9. PLAB.
  10. MRCP.
  11. The UKMLA.
  12. Comparison of PLAB with USMLE, MRCP and the UKMLA.
  13. If it is better to go for MRCP instead of PLAB.
  14. Roadmap for PLAB.
  15. Visa homework.
  16. Which IELTS should be taken.
  17. How to study for IELTS.
  18. Study material for IELTS.
  19. What PLAB 1 is like.
  20. How to study for PLAB 1.
  21. Study material for PLAB 1.
  22. Why PLAB 1 is so easy.
  23. My PLAB 1 experience.
  24. Visa for PLAB 2.
  25. Mistakes which should be avoided for visa applications.
  26. What PLAB 2 is like.
  27. How to study for PLAB 2.
  28. Academies for PLAB 2.
  29. My PLAB 2 experience.
  30. Why PLAB 2 is so easy.
  31. How to get registered with the GMC.
  32. Finding jobs in the UK.
  33. Why it is so easy to find jobs in the UK.
  34. My experience of job hunting in the UK.
  35. Comparison of the NHS with the NES.
  36. Total expenditure on PLAB.
  37. Total expenditure on moving to the UK.
  38. Pay scales in the UK.
  39. Working hours in the UK.
  40. Taxation in the UK.
  41. Why the UK being a welfare state matters.
  42. Summary.



Sumaira Feroze Ali



Nizari Community Hall, Karachi.



18 June 2017.



10:00 to 12:00.


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