Reema Rasul’s PLAB 1 Experience

(This post was originally published on 10th Dec 2015. It was added to my blog by taking permission from the writer. Thank you, Dr. Reema Rasul, for allowing me to add your post to this blog)


I am very grateful to Allah Almighty and my dear mother for this success that stands against a toiling medical journey. There are excellent accounts of experiences regarding PLAB 1 already published and mine is barely needed. But I am daring to write because I prepared in very short time so it might encourage if not help someone. Please do read all experiences that was very augmentative for my morale while I was preparing

I originally attempted IELTS for IMC, it was the last date of registration for PLAB when I thought I am eligible for it and hence registered in last hours.

The first thing to do is make two folders on your desktop. Download the treasure files from the FILES section of this group.

1. This one contains the MUST DO which is 1700 (answered and unanswered file), 1700 explanations, Samson Notes, Samson mocks 7, 2015 Samson Mocks.

2. In this one put all other things that you think you may find useful.


This I am especially writing for those who are at a loss where to start. If you have 3 or more months to study, alter plans accordingly. But do make a calendar, I did this in 1 month ;

2 weeks -1700 file

3 days – Samson Notes

Rest of the days – Mocks starting from the latest to oldest

And all this time I was of course always online on PLAB group. It was the best thing ever.


How to do the 1700 file? ( Please put this in your cell phone and scroll randomly to revise anywhere anytime)

Start slowly, you will be pathetic to begin with but after 200 to 300 questions you should be fine. For every MCQ with even the least doubt, check in OHCM/OHCS,, NICE ( I found NICE useful for just hypertension, DM, it is not a user friendly site I don’t like it but the guidelines are still important). Post your question in the PLAB group search bar and you will see many previous discussions. Still in doubt ? post again and wait for responses. Search as much as you can trust me it is NOT AT ALL a waste of time. It is the best thing to do for preparation. Never talk or accept without genuine references. Do open the 1700 explained files and read their excellent explanations along with your research.

The more you work on this file the better you will get. Keep marking the dubious questions they will come in handy.


How to read Samson notes?

These notes are divine account for PLAB. Trust it blindly in most cases. It is going to be right for PLAB at least. If you can’t find any reliable source other than this , Samson is right ! Don’t read all notes. Just the subjects you are weak at and keep referring to them every now and then.


How to do Mocks?

Start from the famous Samson 7 mocks. I personally did not time myself for any mock because I never had timing problems in exams. But it is your choice. It will be difficult to time because most questions are repeat. I used to rush for answers since I had read the statements before somewhere , but soon you will learn how disastrous it may be. Control your emotions and go on to read the question nicely lol that’s what I told myself.


The most important portion of PLAB questions is the last part …. Are they asking, most appropriate, single appropriate, definitive, best etc ? The answer is largely dependent on this.

Do not worry too much for controversial questions. Do the maximum research but don’t fret over an unresolved issue. I know how annoying it may be.

Keys are usually right but many are wrong too. Even though frustrating it is a blessing in disguise.

I would suggest that do register for Pass medicine 6 months package. It is cheap but very helpful. It is not very important to do its questions but read the facts, notes and guideline links given.

This (PLAB Facebook) group is very helpful but you have to make it amazing by actively discussing. It is the most vital part of preparation trust me. Be flexible but constant in your opinion and do your best to support it with evidence. Identify trustable people to reach out for help and do not hesitate. Success is a collective thing you can’t have it all by yourself so don’t worry much.

I was not a part of a study group or a had a formal partner because of short time but every time I reached for help on the group I was never disappointed. Really grateful to all of them.

In the last four days revise 1700 difficult ones. Leave mocks alone now.

Often visit One Drive and search for new things. Keep reading amazing experiences and be cheerful. Pray more worry less.


For the sake of brevity I am ending here. Thank you for bearing with me. If I missed something or you have a question I will be available for help happily. If you want some material mailed to you please inbox me you address. Kindly don’t mention email addresses in comments I may not be able to follow for longer periods.

Please remember me in prayers. Best wishes.

Dr. Reema Rasul.

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