Guideline for Candidates with Visa Refusals


The purpose of writing this is to help others who’ve gone through visa rejection. I want you to know that there is hope; you can turn things around, with the help of some guidance, a good visa application and a good cover letter. If you stay strong and you think clearly, you’ll get your visa.


Do Not Lost Hope:

This is the most important thing. Regardless of the reason, visa rejections can be very hurtful. Stay strong. Take your time. Build your case and reapply. If I can get my visa after the silly mistakes that I made, then so can you.


Take Your Time:

Some of my friends applied for a visa immediately after a visa refusal. A few of them did get their visa in their second attempt. But most of them didn’t. I would advise you to think hard before making a decision.


When to Reapply:

If a visa is rejected on a completely unfair basis. For example, if you visa was rejected because of a factually incorrect reason, you can explain this in your cover letter and reapply immediately.

However, if your visa was denied on the basis of your circumstances. For example, if your visa was rejected because of insufficient funds, high expenses, lack of ties; it might be more advisable to reapply after a few months. Because it takes at least a few months to change your circumstances. In case you reapply immediately, the embassy might respond with “your circumstances haven’t changed since your last application”.


Exam Fee Refund:

If you don’t plan on applying for a visa immediately, you can ask GMC for a complete refund of your exam fee. Send an email to GMC, along with a copy of your visa refusal letter. The will ask you to log in to GMC Online and cancel your exam. Cancel your exam only after instructions from GMC. Upon cancellation, 50% of the fee will be refunded immediately. The other 50% will be refunded in a week or two. They money goes back to the same account or the credit card.


Academy Fee Refund:

Dr. Hamed’s Common Stations offers a refund in cases of visa refusal. Dr. Samson’s academy may also offer complete or partial refund in cases of visa refusals.


While Reapplying


Cover Letter:

Write a detailed cover letter. Explain your circumstances in detail. Your cover letter will make or break your case. If you want to get your visa in your second attempt, you need to explain to them, why you visa was refused and why you deserve to get a visa.


Previous Refusals:

Explain why your visa was refused in the past.

A) If It was refused because of your mistake(s):
i) Explain why you made mistakes in your previous applications.
ii) Apologize for all your mistakes.
iii) Explain how you’ve rectified your mistakes.

B) If your visa was refused because of a mistake from their end:
Explain to them, in a very humble way, why you think you deserved to get a visa and why their objection was unfair.

Also explain your current trip, in light of your refusals, like I did in my cover letter.



A lot of visa refusals are due to problems with finances. I’m sure you have enough money to finance your trip. But explaining this to the ECO might be a little difficult at times. Please go through my post Finances for PLAB 2 Visa to have better understanding on finances.



It is very important to be employed when you apply for a visa. Because:
i) It adds to your ties back home.
ii) It shows that you’re serious about your career.
iii) It adds to your financial stability.
iv) It doesn’t make a good impression if you’re jobless and you talk about taking an exam in the UK to work in the UK.


Change in Story:

If your story has changed in any way, for example, if you have changed the length of your trip, your accommodation, your sponsors or anything else from your previous application, please explain it in detail. Explain your reasoning for the previous story and your reasoning for changing your story. Do not change anything without explaining it in detail.


Change in Circumstances:

If your circumstances have changed in any way, for example, if your workplace, your salary or anything else has changed, again, explain this in detail.



You’re a genuine candidate. You deserve to get your visa and if you make a good application, you can and you will get your visa.

P.S. Please also go through all my posts from the PLAB Visa Guidance section. They might help you in improving your case. You can also check My Documents which I attached in my third visa application.

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