Switching Networks on the Same Phone Number

I recently went through the process of changing my cellular network without changing my phone number. The process is simpler than I would have imagined.


First Step

I called my cellular network provider (Three) to inform them that I wanted to switch to another network. They sent me a 9-digit PAC code via SMS right away. Although, they had told me that it could take two working days for me to receive it.


Second Step

I got a new sim on another network (EE). I called the new network provider (EE) and gave them the PAC code given to me by Three. They told me that they had switched my EE number to my previous Three number but it would take two working days for the switch to complete.


Both Phones Switched On

I placed my Three sim and my EE sim in two separate phones, to keep both of them switched on. But you don’t have to do this. You can choose to keep just one of them switched on.


The Switch

On the morning of the second day, my previous sim (my original Three sim) became dead and my new sim (EE) started functioning with my same old Three phone number.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to have two phones to be able to complete the process?

No, it is not.


2. Is it necessary to keep both the sims in separate phones?

No, it is not.


3. Is it necessary to keep both the sims switched on before the switch?

No, it is not.


4. How much does it cost to change the network without changing the number?

It does not cost anything. The process is for free.


5. Did my new sim start to function on the old number or the old sim?

The new sim.


6. What is a PAC code?

It is a 9-digit code which is provided to us by the network we are leaving, for us to provide to the network we are joining, to be able to make the switch.

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