Tier 2 Visa Extension Guidelines

Tier 2 visa extension is the renewal of our Tier 2 visa. This will be the easiest visa application of your life and will not require a lot of homework.


When is it needed?

It is required whenever you are switching to a new job within the UK.


Documents Needed for Tier 2 Visa Extension

  1. Original passport.
  2. Original BRP.
  3. Two photographs.
  4. Printed visa application.
  5. Printed document checklist.
  6. Printed biometric enrolment.
  7. Printed certificate of sponsorship.



I was asked to bring two photographs, but only one was used. It was scanned and handed back to me right away.


Printed Document Checklist and Printed Biometric Enrolment

These will be a part of your online visa application and you will be prompted to print them before you visit the visa application centre for your appointment.


Cover Letter

You can attach a cover letter. However, there is no need for it as the application is straightforward.


Bank Statement

I did not attach my bank statement since maintenance was ticked on my certificate of sponsorship. The application did not suggest to upload any bank statements (probably because this is a visa extension and it might be understood that we can finance ourselves since we are already working in the UK on Tier 2 visa).

However, I noticed that Dr. Omar Alam did attach his bank statement in his Tier 2 visa extension application as mentioned by him here.


How do I apply?

You can use this link to apply for the visa. The application is simple and straightforward. It will self-direct you and does not require any explanation here.


Types of Service

You can choose one of the following services.

  1. Standard service: response within 8 weeks.
  2. Priority service: response within 10 days.
  3. Premium service: response on the same day.
  4. Super premium service: response within 24 hours.


Which service should I choose?

It depends on how much time you have. Most people do not have enough time to be able to choose the standard service.

The visa fee is nearly the same for priority and premium service. To be on the safe side, it might be best to choose the premium service.


Visa Fee


Immigration Health Surcharge Fee

Immigration health surcharge (IHS) fee is £400 per year. You can use the official calculator to check your IHS fee.


Immigration Health Surcharge Fee Refund

Since you are already on Tier 2 visa and have already paid for your IHS. You might not have to repay for the same duration. Please read Dr. Omar Alam’s guidelines about the subject here.


The Appointment

On the day of the appointment, you will be asked to submit your documents, along with your original passport and BRP. Your photograph will be scanned and returned to you. A picture will also be taken during the appointment.

After document submission, you will be asked to return in 3 hours to collect your passport.


Passport Collection

You will be given your passport back the same day. You will get a letter stating acceptance of your visa application. Your BRP will arrive at your doorstep within 7 to 10 days.



This will be the easiest visa application of your life and will not require a lot of homework. I prepared for my application just a day before the appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cooling Off Period?

If your current tier 2 visa expires before you get a new visa and you are in your home country, you might have to wait for 12 months of “cooling off period” before you can return to the UK. In simple words, it means that you should get a new Tier 2 visa before your current Tier 2 visa expires.

This cooling off period also applies if you resign from your post, leave the country and do not get the new visa within 60 days. Read more about the cooling off period in the official guideline and on this article here.

18 thoughts on “Tier 2 Visa Extension Guidelines

  1. Did you have to show a TB certificate or a DBS or police clearance certificate

  2. If I am switching sponsors is it still an extension visa?? I am currently on Tier 2 visa as a trust grade but I got an offer for a training job but I was planning to renew my passport next month as it will expire end of July (but my BRP is valid till mid August), will that affect my visa application??

  3. If someone resigns from job before the tier2 visa expires (remaining time 2yrs still) , and did not get a new job /tier 2 visa… Can they stay till the current one or it gets canceled once job is left ??

    1. It gets cancelled. We are given a few days to find a new job or to leave to the country.

  4. hi
    I want to apply for visa extension as I am working in NHS at the moment. I also want to apply for dependent visa for my kid who is in my home country at the moment, staying with his grandparents. Can i apply for his visa from UK ? any insight into this matter will be appreciated.

  5. If I am applying using the standard service will I still get my passport returned to me on the same day and brp in a few days. Thank you

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