Tier 2 Visa Application Process

Tier 2 visa is needed to travel to the UK for employment. This post only covers the application process. I will publish general guidelines for Tier 2 visa if and when I get my tier 2 visa.


Category of Visa

Tier 2 (General) Visa – General Migrant for 3 years.


Points-Based Visa

Tier 2 Visa is a points-based visa. You need to score 70 points to be eligible for the visa. Scoring 70 points does not guarantee visa clearance, though.



1. Shortage Occupation 30 points
2. RLMT 30 points
3. Salary of £159,600 or more 30 points
4. Appropriate Salary 20 points
5. English Language 10 points
6. Maintenance 10 points
Total Needed 70 points

Point number 1, 2, 3 and 6 are mentioned on your certificate of sponsorship.


Appropriate Salary

You must be paid at least £30,000 per year or the ‘appropriate rate’ for the job you’re offered – whichever is higher. Check the appropriate rate for the job you’ve been offered.


English Language

You must score at least 4.0 overall in IELTS UKVI Academic or you can apply for UK NARIC.



If your hospital is not providing you with maintenance, then you must have personal savings of at least £945, which must have been held for 90 consecutive days (finishing on the date of the closing balance), ending no more than 31 days before the date of their application to score 10 points for maintenance.


The Visa Process

The basic process is similar to that of the PLAB visa:

  1. Submit an online visa form from the Visa4UK website.
  2. Take an appointment for passport submission and ID check.
  3. Attend the appointment.
  4. Track your application.


1. The Online Form

The online form is very simple and very similar to the one for PLAB visa. Once you submit this form, you will be asked to pay your visa fee and an additional immigration health surcharge fee.

The Visa Fee


Immigration Health Surcharge

£200 per year.

This depends on the length of your trip mentioned on your certificate of sponsorship. My certificate mentioned a year long contract. So I paid £200 for this.


2. Booking an Appointment

As soon as you submit the above-mentioned fee, you will be asked to book an appointment for passport submission and your ID check at the visa office. You can select an appointment time that is convenient for you.


3. The Appointment

Once you reach the visa office, you will be offered a premium service, which includes tea and biscuits; you will not have to wait in the queue either. A few people prefer this service. However, most reviews are negative since there is no major difference between this and the regular service. Our visa application is not processed earlier because of this service.

The rest of the process will be the same as your PLAB 2 visa appointment. You will be asked to submit your passport. Your ID will be confirmed by taking a picture and fingerprint scans.

There has been a recent change with regards to document submission from Pakistan. Now our documents are not submitted, but only scanned and returned back to us. Only our passport is submitted. This change has been implemented only for points-based visas and settlement visas, not for PLAB visas.


4. Tracking Your Application

You can use this link to go the official UK government website to track the progress of your visa application.


Source: Official Tier 2 document by the Home Office.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to submit my passport at the visa office?

A few visa offices offer the service where you do not have to submit your passport. This is ideal for people who wish to travel elsewhere during the coming weeks and do not feel comfortable in submitting their passport. You should check with your local visa office if this service is available to you.


2. Is it necessary that I must have 70 points?


3. Is it certain that I will get my visa if I score 70 points?

No, your application will still be judged based on your circumstances and your past. However, scoring 70 points is a must to get visa approval.

55 thoughts on “Tier 2 Visa Application Process”

  1. Hello!
    From where can we get the application form for visa. Im from Mauritius and i didnt need to get a plab visa so i dont knw from where to get.
    Is it mandatory to return to home country for tier2?


    1. This is the link for the visa application:


      If you are on PLAB visa, it is mandatory to leave the UK to apply for Tier 2 visa, but different visas have different rules. You can email the UKBA or the UKVI to confirm this.


  2. So > GMC registration > find job on NHS website > then if i got a job > APPLY FOR TIER 2 VISA showing my job offer ? . I just want to organize my thoughts .


  3. Sorry but it seems you did not get my question . I wanted to know about the tier 2 visa . we should apply for it after we get the job offer ?


  4. Hello!If you don’t mind May I ask when exactly you will start working in UK? I’m curious about the time between PLAB 2 exam and starting your first job?


  5. Thank you for your kind and quick response! I am wondering if there are any ways to make things quicker and get a job in around 4 months? Thanks in advance


  6. Because of financial issues it is not possible for me to go to UK again. Is there a way or any other type of visa via which l can give plab 2 and after that do attachments there in UK , apply for jobs and may get an offer?


    1. I am very sorry but I do not understand your question. You stated that it is not possible for you to go to the UK. But you are asking which visa you will need to go to the UK for PLAB 2.

      You can go to the UK for PLAB 2 on any visa. Most people choose the PLAB visa.


  7. Hi Naseer! Thank you for your very informative blog.
    Pls did the hospital show the maintenance funds for you? Or did you have to source for the money yourself?


  8. Hi Naseer,
    After getting job, can a person apply for spouse visa along with main applicant?
    What are the chance that both will get visa?


    1. Yes, it is. The response comes back in 5 to 7 working days. You will have to subscribe to it on the spot at Gerry’s and pay PKR 20,000 to PKR 30,000 at Gerry’s in cash.


  9. Thanks a lot. My cos ticked that it’s on the shortage occupation list. Does that mean that I pay less for my visa as stated on the gov website?


  10. Good morning to you Naseer. I was wondering if one can take on extra shifts/locum on a tier 2 visa to make extra money. I have a wife and child along with me and that is why i ask. Have a good day.


    1. Additional information section is given to us to write any information that we feel is important but we were not able to share it elsewhere in the application. If you do not have any such information, you can write a very brief summary of your case.


  11. Hi
    I have to apply also for general tier 2 visa,but I am preparing for general UKVI exam, now i am confused that ether it is acceptable or I have to appear for academic??
    I am going to work as Sonogrpaher there
    Need your help kindly


  12. I have given my IELTS Academic exam. would i have to give another IELTS Academic exam (this time being UKVI Academic) to apply for this tier 2 visa?


  13. Dr. Naseer. Your blog has been very informative and helpful to me. I want to ask, do you know if having a dependent like a child can affect you getting a tier2 visa?


  14. thanks for referring me here. cleared my earlier question. would please also like to know if one can apply for a tier2 visa while in the UK with a visitors visa.


  15. Hello Dr. Nasser

    Congratulations on your very detailed and informative blog! I wanted to ask that the tier 2 visa is granted for 3 years(as mentioned in your blog), but what if you want to stay longer? For becoming a consultant or at least going up to Specialty training (ST) more than 3 years is required, isn’t it? How do we extend our visa?

    Thank you


      1. Yes, it has helped. One further query, each time we move up the job ladder, i.e say enter core training or Specialty training or change our job because of a higher post (ST after CT) to that of a different employer, do we need to issue the tier 2 visa again? It’s given that it’s issued only for 6 years at max. What about after that?

        Thank you so much again, and I must mention again how helpful your blog is! 😊


      2. Yes, each time we change a job, we have to apply for a new visa.

        Maximum visa is issued for 3 years from what I know.

        And no problem! Thank you for your kind words! And thank you for visiting the blog! 😊


      3. Ok, I think maybe the extension is maximum up to 6 years… And after 5 years, we can apply for permanent residency right? For going up to a position of consultancy, would you suggest simply extending your visa every time (if it can be issued beyond 6 years) or applying for permanent residency/national after 5/6 years? (Because it may take 8 years t become a consultant, right?)


      4. You can always extend your visa without any limit as long as you have a job in the UK. Once you’ve been in the UK for five years, you can apply for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain).


  16. Assalam o aliakum
    I was going thru visa application for and have some confusions in dependant application
    one point is the address where main applicant is working – till now I am not working in UK, although have job offer and COS already, so should I mention my current job address?
    and also in dependant visa application – main applicant is the dependant or the the one who got job/COS
    thanks in advance


    1. Walekum Salam!

      I’m not sure because I don’t remember being asked for my work address for Tier 2 visa application.

      I’m not sure about the second question either. I’m sorry.

      It would be best to post this query on the Facebook groups to get more responses. I’m sure someone will guide you there.

      Good luck! 🙂


  17. Thank you so much for all your effort.

    My question is about the ‘appropriate salary’; Above £30,000 with or without allowances?
    The offer I have (FY2) has the salary of £40,000 with allowances and £28,500 without allowances.
    Does that meet the criteria?


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