Driving Test (UK)

To get the Full Driving Licence, you first need to get the Provisional Driving Licence. Once you have the provisional licence, you need to pass the theory test first, followed by the driving test. So this will be the line of action.

  1. Get the provisional driving licence.
  2. Start studying for the theory test.
  3. Start taking driving lessons.
  4. Pass the theory test.
  5. Pass the driving test.

Once you pass the driving test, you will get the full driving licence.


Eligibility for Applying for the Driving Test

  • You must have passed the Theory Test.


Preparation for the Test

It is ideal to take lessons from a qualified driving instructor, even if you have been driving for years in another country. Because driving in the UK can be very different from driving in other countries.


How to Choose an Instructor

A quick Google search will tell you the list of driving schools near you. You can compare their reviews and prices. You can also ask your friends living nearby for recommendations.


Driving Lessons

Each driving lesson is for an hour. You can take single or double lessons during each session. A single lesson would be an hour long. A double lesson would be two-hour long.


When Should I Start Taking Lessons

You can start taking lessons even before you pass the theory test. This way, when you study for the theory test, you will be able to relate the theoretical information with your practical driving experience. Once you pass the theory test, it will not take you too long before you take the practical test.


How Many Lessons Should I Take

The answer to this can vary depending on your driving skills and background. Having said that, most people take 15 to 25 lessons. But it can take people more or less lessons to pass the test.


Driving Test Fee

  • £62 on weekdays
  • £75 on weekends, evenings and bank holidays


Driving Test Duration

  • 40 minutes


What Happens During the Test

You can read about it in detail on the official website.


The Car

Most people use their driving instructor’s, but you can use your own car if it meets the rules.


Applying for the Theory Test

Make sure you have your driving instructor’s personal reference number if you want to check they’re available on the dates you are looking for.

You can book your test online using this link.


Pass Marks

You will pass your driving test if you make:

  • 15 or less minor mistakes.
  • no major mistakes.


Useful Link

The Official DVLA website


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I drive my car on the provisional licence?

When you have your provisional licence you can drive on all roads except for motorways.

You must be supervised when you’re learning to drive a car. This can be by a driving instructor or someone else who meets the rules, eg family or friends.

The car you learn in must display ‘L’ plates.

2. What is a developing hazard?

A developing hazard is something that would cause you to take action, like changing speed or direction.

Example: A car is parked at the side of the road and isn’t doing anything. It wouldn’t cause you to take action, so it’s not a developing hazard.

When you get closer, the car’s right-hand indicator starts to flash and it starts to move away. You’d need to slow down, so it’s now a developing hazard.

3. Can I use any other apps to study for the test?

The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit app is enough to study for the test. However, if you want, you can download other apps as well.

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4. If I pass my test, when will I get my licence?

If you pass, the examiner will give you a pass certificate. This certificate will function as your driving licence until you get your actual licence.

The examiner will also ask you if you want your full licence to be sent to you automatically. In this case, the examiner will take your provisional licence. It will take 2 to 3 weeks for your full licence to arrive.

Apply for your full driving licence within 2 years of passing your test if you don’t want to get your licence automatically.

5. When can I start driving?

You can start driving straight away after you have passed your test. You do not need to wait for your full licence to arrive.

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  1. My question is , is there any option for automatic or manual gear car? or all are manual car

    1. Both manual and automatic cars are available. If you pass the test on an automatic car, you will only get licence for automatic cars.

      If you pass the test on a manual, you can drive automatic cars as well.

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