Free Question Banks

This article has a list of free question banks and study material which can help medical students and doctors. All the question banks mentioned were brought to my attention by an anonymous contributor, for which I am very grateful.


1. Pass Medicine:

This is for students who are in their first three years of medical school. However, any medical student or doctor can benefit from this. The subscription is valid for 12 months.

Click here to visit the link.


2. USMLEstat:

This is basically for doctors who are preparing for USMLE. However, any medical student or doctor can benefit from this. The subscription is valid for 6 months.

You can click here to visit the link.


3. Study Material for PLAB:

This is a compilation of free study material (including question banks) which can be helpful for the preparation of PLAB 1. It was compiled by an anonymous contributor and shared on my blog.

You can click here to visit the link.

18 thoughts on “Free Question Banks

  1. jazakAllah khair ! for this generous effort ! this blog is so helpful . u really have made a bunch of all the most needed stuff here. may Allah bless you with His bestest bounties.ameen

  2. Hi . I’m neelima reddy from India. I wanted to ask wheater no work experience after my mbbs will affect GMC registration or job in UK. As, I completed my MBBS and internship in 2015. I started preparing for Pg exams of my country(NEET). So I haven’t done any job in btw. Now I am going to give my PLAB 1 mostly by this year Nov(2017). So, the gap from 2015-2017 was my pg preparing period . Will GMC registration have any prob regarding this??? Please suggest.
    Kindly .Thank you

    1. The GMC will ask you to provide details of your gap, but as long as you had no gaps before or during your internship, you will be fine.

      Finding your first job in the UK can be challenging with your gaps. To counter that, the best strategy would be to find a job now and to start working as soon as you can.

  3. Thank you so much for ur suggestion.
    Can I get any letter regarding doing observership for that gap period after my mbbs , from my known relatives hospital (like obg I used to go attend op patients along with my aunty who has own private setup ) . Just to show during that gap years , will any kind of such letter be helpful ? Kindly help 😀

    1. You must not use any fake documents. If you really did work as an observer, you can show your experience letters. You might have to ask your consultants from that time to fill an employer reference form as well and they will have to reply to GMC’s email via their official (not personal) email address.

  4. Thank you so much 😊 really appreciate for giving me your time 😁

  5. Hi sir dis is vanya from India. i m studying 3rd mbbs i want to prepare for plab . please sir suggest me how to prepare for plab.

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