Samriddhi Bansal’s PLAB 1 Experience

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I will try to keep this post short. My only attempt for PLAB 1 was in March 2019. I had finished my internship a year ago, in March 2018.



  • My score: 138/180 (76.66%)
  • Passing score: 120 (66.66%).


Preparation Time

91 days; during a career break.


Where to Start?

Start with Dr. Naseer’s blog, it is a must and basic guiding voice for this journey, at least for me it was.

  1. Start with 1700 by Dr Khalid. I went through them twice and then one final time three weeks before the exam.
  2. was my reference for each topic. Also, read the entire topic instead of just questions. You will realize in time which part is most important in which topic (symptoms/investigation/management/complication etc.).
  3. A few mocks (I went through only three) to learn time management. This is important as the exam has 180 questions to be finished in 180 minutes.
  4. Make your own notes if necessary. Not absolutely needed, it’s your choice.
  5. Make flashcards. Keep them with you at all times.
  6. Keep reading people’s experiences. They are gems. This PLAB community is very helpful; people are very nice; they always help; they always reply. (Thanks to Dr Naseer)
  7. Know that the exam is on paper, not screen.
  8. Revise 10 times. 

That is all I did. Improvise these steps and embark on your own journey. Good luck!

Dr. Samriddhi Bansal.

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