“Banding” According to the New Contract for Junior Doctors

For everyone who has been asking about the new contract for junior doctors, you can download the contract from here.



The banding system does not exist in the new contract, but we still get paid extra for the out of hours work.


Out of Hours Pay

1. “An enhancement of 37 percent of the hourly basic pay rate shall be paid for any hours worked between 21.00 and 07.00, on any day of the week.”

2. “Where a shift is worked which begins no earlier than 20.00 and no later than 23.59, and is at least 8 hours in duration, an enhancement of 37 percent of the hourly basic rate shall also be payable on all hours worked up to 10:00 on any day of the week.”

3. The weekend allowance is between 3 to 10%.


To Make it Simple

A. The number of unsocial hours has been reduced. Previous unsocial hours used to begin at 17:00. They now begin at 20:00 or 21:00.

B. Banding used to be around 40% or 50%. Now the enhanced pay is around 37%.

C. The weekend allowance is significantly low.



I am not sure if overall pay has increased, decreased or remained the same. But I still feel that we are earning more than enough to spend a quality life in the UK.



This is only my understanding of the contract. If I have made a mistake in understanding any part of the contract, kindly let me know and I will correct the mistake.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I get paid more or less than before according to the new contract?

I am not sure. If you let me know your pay scales, by comparing your old and new contract pay, it might be helpful.

5 thoughts on ““Banding” According to the New Contract for Junior Doctors

  1. Hello, Dr. Naseer! Iam a junior doctor from Pakistan just about to start work in UK.Just wanted to ask one thing. If we are getting enhanced pay or banding, is it included in our total pay? And we have to pay tax on it. OR Is it exempt of taxtation?

    1. Most of us are on new contracts. So you will probably get “enhanced pay” and not “banding”. Yes, it is included in our total pay. Tax is taken from our total pay, which includes the enhanced pay as well.

  2. Hello.. I need a clarification on some job contract offered last month please.

    It was based on the Old Doctor’s contract.
    Is it still applicable in 2017?
    And does the banding offeted (1A 50%) apply every month or only when you work unsocial hours?

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