Ammar Khoudeir’s PLAB 1 Experience

(This post was originally published on 20th April 2017. It was added to my blog by taking permission from the writer. Thank you, Dr. Ammar Khoudeir, for allowing me to add your post to this blog)

Passed! I love you all!
Thanks to all that helped and contributed. wish I had contributed more.

I will briefly share my experience maybe there are people like me who have the same situation and might be encouraged to take PLAB

Personal experience: Since I had a house job and on and off part time job my study time was limited, moreover my university teaching methods and exams were 100% American guidelines and USMLE style questions. Having said that I had less than a month to flip my brain circuit and learn PLAB style questions.

How did i do that? With the limited time my choice was to solve questions rather than read notes, books or just outright search for UK guidelines for anything.

Firstly I got a subscription to Samson’s PLAB and started solving a block a day along with 1700 questions (I used doctor Khalid’s, but sush unity is also as good). Now here is the clincher: Samson’s PLAB was HORRIBLE! the website and questions were buggy, had a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, and answers were just outright wrong! Moreover, 1700 questions contained about 75% of the Samson’s question banks to begin with, so that move was quite a waste of money and brain cells in my opinion.

Anyways, as medical students we can’t help but read pure info here and there, we are used to doing it after all, so whenever I needed a particular and specific piece of info I would go to one of two sources: either, or to Oxford Handbook. Though to be completely honest I would use more because i’m personally more comfortable with using a computer than a book.

Nothing more, though nothing less.

again thank you all for the help and this wonderful group… see you in Manchester and perhaps on duty together

tl;dr: i am a lazy person who had 2 jobs, less than a month to study and passed PLAB… if i did it, probably 75% of the population can… so go for it mate! you got nothing to lose.

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