Mohsin Mannan’s PLAB 1 Experience

Reading Time = 3 minutes


  • My score: 129/180 (71.66%)
  • Passing score: 120/180 (66.66%)


Preparation Time

  • 2 months



  • Samson’s Notes



I cleared my IELTS in August and I planned to take my exam in November 2018 but it got cancelled due to political unrest in the country. So I had to take it in March 2019. I was studying without a job. My main source for studying was Samson’s Notes, which I read twice. But I would consider PLABABLE the most important source. It is very important to read and understand the PLABABLE explanations given for all questions. PLABABLE is easy to do and can be completed easily within 3 weeks, I went through PLABABLE twice and only attempted one mock from PLABABLE.  Overall the syllabus is clinical oriented, and is interesting to study (not dry at all), as all the information is very useful in clinical practice. Do go through notes on ethics as these questions are more common now.


Exam Day

Time management is key on the exam day. One should be able to do at least 60 questions in the first hour if they expect to finish the rest of the exam in time and not run through questions quickly like I did. Expect long question stems filled with a lot of information. The trick is to quickly find relevant information to answer the question and go with your gut, and not be confused with the answers. At the end I was just grateful that I somehow managed to attempt all questions on time. Overall, PLAB 1 is a very manageable exam if you are well prepared.

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