My Timeline for PLAB 1 Preparation

This was my timeline during my preparation for PLAB 1 during 2014.

Feb Master the Boards Blunder
March Master the Boards Blunder
April OHCM, OHCS Huge Mistake
May IELTS prep
June IELTS prep
July 1700
August 1700 + 7 mocks
September Notes + Samson’s Q bank
October 1700
November Did not study
25 November Exam Passed


Please go through My PLAB 1 Experience, to get an idea of how I studied for PLAB 1.

16 thoughts on “My Timeline for PLAB 1 Preparation

  1. How to download material for plab 1 i.e 1700 mcq or mock tests etc??
    Couldn’t find the link

    1. Master the Boards USMLE Step 2 CK is a book that is used for the preparation of USMLE Step 2 CK. It has nothing to do with PLAB. I made the mistake of studying from it for PLAB.

  2. Hellow sir,
    Im in my final year mbbs, im worried about pharmacology and anatomy as they are the most volatile subjects .So what do you recommend?

    1. Are you studying pharmacology and anatomy for your MBBS or for your PLAB? Because you don’t need to study them for PLAB.

  3. Im preparing for plab part 1.or should i just stick to the materials you have provided in your blog would that be enough?

  4. If i pass PLAB immediately after graduation, can I apply for registration or i need some post med uni program eg residency, internship etc ?

  5. hello dr naseer! great job you are doing here. pls i have a question i need help with. i am about to register for plab 1 for november in my country. i will begin my housejob in october of this year. then i intend on taking plab 2 in march 2018. what is your take on this? do you reckon it is wise to take plab 2 before finishing housejob? i do go to the hospital now to keep my clinical skills fresh. i was planning on prepping for mrcp after plab two while i do the job. i just want to know if you think im on the right track.

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