Abu Khattab’s PLAB 1 Experience

(This post was originally published on 2nd April 2015. It was added to my blog by taking permission from the writer. Thank you, Dr. Abu Khattab, for allowing me to add your post to this blog)


Alsalamalykum everyone, I know I’m late to write this post, but unfortunately I was quite busy in the last few days. Alhmdolelah, as many of you know that I passed plab1 with a good score that is satisfied me enough Alhmdolelah (I will keep the score as a secret sorry for a reason). My happiness is mainly because of all my Skype group passed their plab 1 with very high scores, which really pleased me, many of them are from top 10 scores compared to the scores that have been posted here in plab group.

Why I wrote this introduction? It’s not to show off, but it’s mainly to illustrate the effective method that we followed to reach this big achievement that can help others.

We started nearly 90 days before the exam day. We used to start at 9 AM UK time to 11:30 AM with 1700 questions from question 1700 to backwards and a night session from 7 PM to 10 PM from question number one to forwards, because some of the plabers on the morning are different from night group due to many were working or had family issues.
Then after a few days we added a study Samson note session from 12:30-2:30 PM.

Every plaber had 10 questions as a homework and was responsible for explaining them and responding to our queries and we help in case he or she didn’t know the answer. For the note, also someone was responsible for explaining a subject that he find it interesting for him/ her.

We used to mute our mics and only one or two people were speaking and we were really organised. It was most beautiful study ever in my life and it was fun. We all were interested and serious with some moments of jokes and laugh. I consider myself really lucky to have these people in my life, we were like a family and close friends.

These people are stars I would like really to thanks them for their kindness, love and knowledge that they gave me during our study, @ReemSabouniYasser Osama محمد أبو العنين خطاب ErujjRizvee Shahnila Nadir PrachiGondhaleMurad Hossain @qandeelOmran Sidra Wasim Hashmi @Fouzia Tahir sister ABC Benedict Abawe Mandula Selina NazikMustafaMuhammadWaqar Maimoona Asif @safiariaz @drabduallah @muhamedAsad @sershkReha.

I would like to thank them all and thanks all plabers that had tagged me to their questions that were really helpful to broaden my knowledge.

I added another Skype discussion group to post any questions that we found difficult and discuss it by writing only.
We finished first the 1700 file, then 7 mocks of Samson and other 2015 mocks and many other mocks. We used to use OHCS, OHCM, Niceguidline and pateint come as references. And we took all our mocks fromhttp://1drv.ms/1zKLWM0.

No need for any courses just follows Abu Hamza academy 😃. I managed to finish and master plab mocks after 2 months, I was quite confident before and after the exam Alhmdolelah, and I left my group before one month of the exam and relaxed and study only 2-3 hours per day with any one of my Skype group if he/ she was free. And sometimes come to the Facebook plab group and help to find the right answer, sometimes I spend 1-2 hours only to read about one question from different resources.

This what I have and I want to thank again for who help us. Also, you can read DrHusamJamill and @Erujj experience for plab 1.

My last advice for those who failed, is that you failed not because you are not smart, no one enters the medical college and he/she is not smart enough. You should not stop trying, but you should use a different approach. “More brains are better than one or two brains” this means more doctors to share are better but not more than 12. And if you decide to make a Skype call don’t forget to make the person who does the call has a high velocity internet so the call quality will be clear.

Best Luck
Abu Khattab

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