Susmita Chowdhury’s Non-Training FY2 Job Application Experience

(This post was originally written by Dr. Susmita Chowdhury on 18 June 2017. It was shared by the writer’s permission, for which I am thankful).

Guys, just landed an FY2 job yesterday (subject to checks), and I just wanted to share my experience. I was one of the 10 chosen from 150 candidates. The HR calling me after interview said the panel was “impressed”. So my experience may help you to get a job quickly.

Firstly I have no recent clinical experience in last 10 years (am doing a high-level public health job). I did have 4 years old clinical experience from abroad (including FY1/internship) before my MPhil in 2009 but that was long ago- and I did emphasise on what I learnt then. (Btw, I did/do clinical attachment or shadowing). So it was a hard battle. But for such people, I advise two things: don’t be restricted by location (adjust with family needs) and secondly, your interview must be flawless. Your clinical knowledge must be flawless. And your application must be the same. (Sorry but if you don’t have experience this is the only way).

I applied to 4 jobs and got shortlisted to all four. My CV was meticulous and my application was the same. So ensure you understand what they want and write a fantastic case. However, I had added the advantage of citizenship. So others should apply to many many more places at same time. But I’ve seen they prefer good candidates to visa status.

Read Naseer’s and Omar’s guidelines/blog. I read all cases from Omar’s. Read all the Emergency flow charts from Oxford handbook and know your ABCD approach THOROUGHLY. Know exactly how you will say it and say it out constantly.

Also be able to run through your CV in a concise manner which shows you and your clinical skill off massively. Be smart with your 1-4 non-clinical answers by reading up what can be asked and what you will answer.

They ask all emergency cases trust me. If you have Oxford Foundation then can read that too. Think about specific investigations, DD and management for all topics you can be tested on. Because after ABCDE they will go onto those. But they will help. Of course, you don’t want help- you want to show off.

You must think – they must remember me after the interview – what can I say using this interview opportunity – show how you are special and stand out. What can you contribute to the trust that is different from others (I emphasised on my multitasking communication, hardworking abilities and that I’d save all the consultants with their incomplete manuscripts and researches – of course, I said this more politely)

Remember you must sell yourself without sounding haughty. You must smile and relax and make yourself be liked. I even joked that I never failed in my life except in my first driving test (true as I never even failed in my medical daily item viva). They laughed and said – we won’t judge you on that. Easier said that done I know, but practice with someone who can point out what you can improve in your attitude.

They said that yes you don’t have experience but your answers were very impressive and we like you. So we will give you a week’s training before joining in August. When I was confused whether to accept as I had upcoming interviews in areas closer to me, they convinced me that it would be better to train with them and it was a very sought after post.

Point is that if you are good at the interview, they will cling onto you. Please don’t believe anyone who says you don’t need to study/ prepare for interviews. I wrote down each question they could ask and rehearsed them. Prepare as much as you can from the day of shortlisting. Though I must admit I prepared two days – 18-20 hrs though. Good luck and don’t loose hope if you don’t succeed in multiple interviews. It’s not you- it’s them – they have different requirements. Just keep applying and going for interviews. You’ll get it suddenly!

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      1. Hi, there, It’s quite different here, where i live, we follow the French system, so i did 6 years of Medicine, here in Algeria, plus one year of internship, i got my diploma, then i applied for residency test, I got it, I did one year of residency (internal medicine), then i resigned. I’m intrested in cardiology, and i wish to get a specialized training in the UK. So after the IELTS, PLAB 1&2, and the registration, what should be the next step ? and what are my chances to be accepted there ?

      2. An other question if you don’t mind, thank you. Like i said, i did one year of internship : 3 months of surgery, 3 months of Gynecoobstetrics, 3 months of Pediatrics, and 3 months of internal Medicine. Then i did about 6 months of training (as an internal MEdicine resident ) will that put me in the category of candidates who have completed an acceptable pattern of internship from their home country ?

      3. Sir,I would like to Kno how difficult is to get F2 n do rotations in UK for d fresh IMG’s??
        Since I’m interested in OBGYN..would I b able to practice for d same if I get there soon after my MBBS??

    1. Is it easier to find training FY 2 , and residency training posts in areas like ireland, or Scotland ?
      Thank you !

    2. I have a question please, Though i ‘m considered to be having an acceptable pattern of internship, but i believe i’m not ready for my foundation year 2. Why ? Well, as a doctor of a third world country, all i did during my internship was almost, go bring those labtests results, put a urinary cathether… so i feel i’m not competent at all. In OR, i’m useless. Even in gynecoobstetrics, i’ve never assisted a pregnant giving her birth. I also was attending a French-speaking med school, so my question is : if i get a FY2 non training post, shall i be left alone ? No mistakes allowed ? Or i would be given the chance to learn slowly, and get used to my job. If not, would an observership be helpful, or necessary ?

      1. It would depend on your Trust, department, seniors, colleagues and your own attitude as well. You also have an option of starting as a non-training FY1 doctor.

  1. Thank you Dr Susmita for sharing your experience. That was really inspiring! Good luck in your future endeavours 🙂
    Thank you Dr Naseer for sharing this with us. Your blog is very helpful 🙂

  2. Thank you Dr Susmita for sharing your experience and of course many thanks to Dr. Naseer for this blog. It seems to be a one stop shop for everything PLAB. I realise that this must take a chunk of you time but needless to say your contribution is truly indispensable for IMG’s planning a life in the UK. I thank you for helping me and others like me understand and succeed in what otherwise would appear to be a impossible task!

    That being said, I had 2 questions;
    1. Do we need to hold a valid medical licence from homeland in order to apply for a GMC registration? The reason I ask is that I am an Indian who studied in China and currently I don’t have a medical licence from either countries. Will this be a problem?

    2. I graduated 6 years ago and since I have done a PhD and have been primarily in research. Although I did have some clinical attachments along the way. How does this affect my prospects for a job in the UK after the PLAB?
    (A part of this was already answered by Dr Sushmita but any additional info. will be much appreciated).

    Thank you and Best Wishes!


    1. 1. That is completely okay. We do not need to hold a licence from our homeland or from any other country. But since you do not hold any licence, this means that you have never worked as a doctor. This means that you will apply for provisional and not full registration. This means that you will look for FY1 posts. Keep in mind that FY1 training posts are very hard to find and this route is not advisable at all.

      2. As explained by me earlier in the first point, this is not ideal and not advisable at all. I would suggest completing your internship before applying for jobs in the UK.

      1. Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Just at to clarify the situation a bit more. I have a complete degree of 5.5yrs, 4.5 yrs of university and 1 year of clinical internship, of which I have certificates from the University Hospital. But this was done back in 2010. Since then, during my PhD years, I managed to get about 1year of clinical attachments in general surgery and internal medicine in Germany as a student ofcourse. I can get certificates for this from the hospital as well. Do you think this will help alter the course of my application and push it to fy2?

        Sorry for the relentless line of questioning and many thanks for your support.

        Best, Aayush.

    1. Getting a 3-month contract is difficult but possible.

      Getting your competencies signed off during that period depends on your experience, performance and your consultant.

  3. Dr Naseer your blog is a gift … A go to for all queries and misconception I had in my mind for plab..I have a query regarding joining and applying for job post plab 2… What if I clear plab 2 get my gmc …is thr any time limit to apply for job or can I give myself a break of 2 years or so and then apply for job in UK..?

  4. Hi
    Can you please guide me how to apply for Fy1 ?
    I am a recent graduate and want to apply for fy1

  5. Is it possible to secure an sho post in London with 3 years of clinical gap? I had my master degree on public health during this time (from a very renowned university), to what extend this would make me more eligible?
    Thanks in advance

  6. Need some info!! If you can guide please? So, if you get a call from a hospital the next day of your interview that you have been selected for a particular post … how does the process goes beyond that .. as I have been waiting for any formal e-mail in this regard for over a week now and its not there?

    1. The HR department can be very slow. You should call them daily and email them regularly to chase this.

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