Maria Sundus’ PLAB 1 Experience

Three states that I went through from the time of my preparation to the result day.


Pre-Exam State

I was doing my House Job so my schedule was quite rigid and chaotic in and obviously it wasn’t an easy task to study and work simultaneously. Hence I started off with my proper preparation just two weeks before the exam, that too only because my colleagues agreed to cover up for me during the night shifts. I’m grateful to them.


Exam State

When I received my question paper I realised that 50% of the exam was all about 1700 MCQs with a little twist. I wasn’t really sure if I will get through the exam or not because I was totally relying on the MCQs and mocks (few of them). 200 questions in 3 hours seemed fine to me. This is just my opinion yours may differ.


Post-Exam State

I knew only prayers and only prayers could save me because it can be slightly risky to rely on the MCQs solely. Samson’s notes are tough-the-point but can be your lifesaver if you do them alongside the 1700 MCQs. And if you are done with both of them before your exam, you’re good to go. At least you’ll be confident about your result post-exam. I just read through the notes once but did 1700 thrice.


Result Day

I passed and I would say it was a miracle. Really! Now being honest, the exam is very very basic. No rocket science. Apart from this, I would say being active on the PLAB Facebook group can help you too. Make sure you don’t miss on any discussions. Post the questions that you’re confused about. There are many people who are ready to help. All thanks to them too.



All you need to do is:

  • Samson’s notes (thoroughly once. Or twice if you have time).
  • 1700 MCQs (Thrice. Yes, thrice! Do not neglect the power of those MCQs. Your paper is all about it, trust me).
  • Mocks (I did 2 to 3 latest mocks that are uploaded in the file section, I believe. They can either boost your confidence or shatter it).
  • Group Discussion: Last but not the least, be a part of the PLAB Facebook group discussion. It is very important.

Hope it helps. Goodluck! 🙂


(This post was originally written on 25 December 2017. It was added to my blog by taking permission from the writer. Thank you, Maria Sundus, for allowing me to add your post to this blog)

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