How Dr. Santosh Philip Entered Radiology Training

If there are International Medical Graduates (IMGs) out there on tier 2 visas wanting to do radiology but don’t know how to go about it, here’s what I did.



After GMC registration I did non-training Foundation level job for 2 years and got signed off on the Alternative Certificate of Foundation Competencies.



During the Foundation years, I did a taster week in Radiology, multiple audits in Radiology, courses – radiology red dot CXR course, Foundation course in clinical radiology by Radiology Recipes, essential radiology course.



I attended RCR Annual Scientific Meeting, UK Radiological Congress (I had nothing to present. If you can make your audit/project into a presentation into a poster, that will be much better; you will get points for it in the interview).



Along with a colleague of mine, I conducted a regional medical student teaching on CXR, AXR interpretation, I attended Tomorrows Teachers course. If you want maximum points in that section you to have a qualification in teaching with higher points depending on years spent ie PG cert vs diploma vs masters. It also looks good if you have feedback from all your teaching sessions and your own reflection on the feedback and the teaching event



  • F1 MRCP 1
  • F2 MRCP 2

After getting signed off on the Alternative Certificate of Foundation Competencies, I applied to Core Medical Training Round 2 in the first instance and got a post that then made my Tier 2 sponsors Health Education England. Thereafter removing RLMT restriction for me on any further training job applications. In my CT1 year after PACES, I attended BIR Radiology interview course and applied for radiology.



I also read through various radiology related blogs and websites including RCR, Radiology Cafe, MediBuddy radiology interview questions.



I was successful in getting a post and I am due to start training in August.

I hope this helps someone!

All the best in your battles!


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11 thoughts on “How Dr. Santosh Philip Entered Radiology Training

  1. Hi.
    Congratulations, best of luck

    I am currently a pediatric surgery medical officer ( service job ) and I have not done any royal college examination, and I want to do radiology residency in the UK.

    -Can I enter radiology residency without any royal college exam ?

    – If I get accepted in radiology residenxy program in my home country, will this do give me bonus points for getting a radiology training in the UK ?

    Thanks in advance .

  2. Congratulation doc !!

    Can you explain what do you mean by : applied to Core Medical Training Round 2 in the first instance and got a post??


  3. I am currently finished my FRCR part 1 and hoping to finish part 2A next year. But FRCR part 2B is really hard and difficult to get a position to face it in UK since it is done by drawing lots.
    1. Will you be able to tell me what are my chances of getting a job in UK if I do FRCR Part 2A and complete PLAB.

    2.Will I be able to get a ttraining post, if so what grade will I most likely be able to get. ( I have 3 year radiology training position work experience currently)

    3. Will I be able to get a job with FRCR Part2A only. Without PLAB

    Thank you

  4. Hope the best to you.
    I finished my FRCR with a lot of experience years in radiology. Can I get training job directly without enter non training job ? What is the way ?
    If no what are the other alternative ?

  5. Congrats! If you don’t mind- how did you set up the regional teaching? Would be great help if you could advise about how to go about it?

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