Homework for PLAB 2 Visa

It might seem a bit early starting your homework for the visa before taking IELTS, but this is the right time to begin your preparation for your PLAB 2 visa. If you want, you can delay this until you pass IELTS. But if you’re sure you can pass IELTS, then you can start your homework early. The earlier you start, the better.

I’m not asking you to start filling your visa application form though. Actually, you do not have to do anything. You just have to be careful about a few things. This is all that you need to keep in mind at this stage:


1. Employment

It’s best if you’ve been employed for 6 months before you apply for your visa. Because:

i) It adds to your ties back home.
ii) It shows that you’re serious about your career.
iii) It adds to your financial stability.
iv) It doesn’t make a good impression if you’re jobless and you talk about taking an exam in the UK to work in the UK.


2. Bank Statement

Ideally, you should attach a six-month bank statement along with your visa application. However, people have found success with only three-month statements also.


3. Bank Balance

Ideally, you should have around £3,000 in your bank account. It is best if you have this money from your own earnings. However, it is completely understandable if you do not have this amount. In this situation, someone else can sponsor you or transfer funds into your account. Read more about finances for PLAB 2 visa here.


4. Salary

In light of the above, it is best if you do not spend your salary at all. However, it is again completely understandable if you have to spend your salary. As long as you can manage to have £3,000 in your account (through legal means, with documentary evidence) or someone else is sponsoring you with that amount, you will be okay.


5. Bank Transactions

Make no big transactions in or out of your account. You will have to explain these transactions later on. If you do make them, make sure you have explanations along with documentary evidence for them.



That is it. Nothing complicated. And I do not think it is difficult. Apart from this, focus on your IELTS and PLAB 1. When you do get done with PLAB 1, go through my posts from Guidance for PLAB 2 Visa.

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  1. I’m so sorry but i still feel it difficult to understand this homework visa,do you mean that i have prepare for it before studying for ielts&plab because it will take time and things mentioned above?

  2. I applied for visitor visa twice to UK through last year first one I did something wrong in my documents and it was incomplete so it was refused and the second was pharmatheutical company invitation to attend meeting they sponsor in UK and it is refused too. So now I am starting plab and worry about visa application again any advice please

  3. salam , i am working in saudia … is it ok for me to make my bank statement in pakistan and not in saudia ( due to visa-iqama system and insecurities in banking system ) , or i have to manage here in saudia

  4. I am extremely grateful fr your efforts. I have a question for you doctor as you took Dr. hamed course. How can I pay Hamed`s fees? his e mails says through HSBC to an I BAN account in Lloyds bank, but my Local HSBC refuses this transaction because i do not have an HSBC account. I asked Dr Hamed via e-mail and they added nothing to the previous payment options.. can the payment be made by money go or western union?

    1. Hello, it’s best to discuss this with him directly, since I’m not aware of his payment options. But I will try to find out if possible.

  5. Can I apply for visitor visa and the Plab , since it might not recquired this huge money in bank.

    1. I think you are asking if you can take PLAB on visit visa. So, yes, you can. 🙂 However, visit visa might require you (or your sponsor) to show more money.

  6. Hello sir!
    I have a small query. My parents are visiting UK because my sister lives there. So even I am planning to go with them this November. I have already cleared ielts. So what I wanted to ask is can I give my PlAB 1 or 2 exam in visitor’s visa? Or does it HAS to be PLAB visa?

    1. You can take the exam on visit visa. But I would advise you to take the exam in India, as we discussed earlier today. 🙂

  7. brother, i m following ur blog & it’s very helpful….
    I’ll b happy getting ur help if u know something about my prblm…

    my mother’s name in the national ID card is – mist. ******* which is same in my birth certificate…. but in all my educational certificate it’s only ****** without mist…..

    i don’t know if this is a prblm… if so, then how can i solve it?

    1. It’s best to get this corrected and have the same name everywhere on all documents that you will use for your visa application.

  8. Greetings Dr. Have yiu heard of anyone who gave the total money in his bank account with no 6 months details and got accepted? I already have 2 of my friends accepted this way but they have previous travels to uk or usa.
    Thanks a lot.

  9. Hello! Thank u doctor. I have found this whole website very useful and I appreciate your efforts.

    Kindly tell do we need a special type of bank account. I mean that if your account is a student one, where financial custodian is someone else in your family not you.

    Fron your responses I understand that we have to show financial independence and such sort of account isn’t suitable.

    1. Ummmm … I’m not sure about this. What matters is that you need to have funds that you can use to show that you will not ask the U.K. gov. for funds. Maybe you should post this question on Facebook. I’m sorry for not being more helpful with this. 🙁

  10. What kind of visa do we have to apply for plab 1 and wer can i apply? Am planning to take the test in this june…is there enough time to apply visa and for other procedures? Do we have to first apply for exam and then apply visa ?

  11. I appreciate your patience and dedication Dr. Naseer.. can you please tell me do I have to translate my job paper which is written in english stating my employment and salary but the seal is in Arabic. However the employer and logi are in English.

  12. While applying for standard visitor visa do we have to mention that we are taking plab?

  13. Is it ok if we dont mention? Will there be any problem later for giving the exam?

  14. I am going to apply from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have money in my fixed deposit account from Dec’16 which will be matured on June’17. is it ok to show such statement since according to the rules of tier 4 visa money must be in the current account but I have not found anything like that for visit visa. Please reply if you know it. Thanks

  15. Hi Doc, pls I need clarification on an issue I saw on a Facebook plab forum. Is it true that if a doctor passes plab and get GMC registration,then gets a job, there will be series of blood tests to be done before being given work visa. If any of d test is positive eg hepatitis b, will d visa be denied?

    1. These tests will be done before you join work. These test can be performed on your PLAB visa (before you get work visa). These tests can also be performed after you get your work visa.

      In case you are tested positive for hepatitis B and you lied about it, you will be in trouble. If you did not lie about it and you yourself were not aware of it, only the GMC can tell you what will happen then. It’s best to ask the GMC about this.

  16. Thank you so much Dr Naseer Khan for taking the time to write this blog. It’s very helpful.

  17. Does the bank account needs to have GBP or any other currency is ok?? I have a bank accout with MVR currency do I need to open another one with GBP currency? Or in Dollars?? Cause it is quite difficult for me to find GBP

    1. Bank account can be in the local currency. I’ve applied for visa thrice for PLAB. All three teams my bank account was in the local currency.

  18. Sir, I took up a job at a tertiary care private hospital.What documentary evidence should I seek from the hospital to show
    1.That I have a job
    2.My monthly salary.Normally they pay in cash at the end of month

  19. I’m going to set for plab1 next November and I do not currently have a bank account.
    I am planning to open a new account and deposit 2000 GBP at the beginning . Then I can add 200-250 GBP monthly for the next 6 month or until plab2 visa application.

    Does this seem to be a good bank statement for plab2 visa??
    a colleague have mentioned the value of account activity for plab2 visa. should I also withdraw some money from time to time?

  20. Assalam o Alaikum. I appreciate your efforts Dr. Naseer. I want to ask you about PLAB 1 form submission. What are the required documents. How to pay the fee i mean via a bank draft or there is any online system? I found a form of PLAB 1 but there is no such thing mentioned in it. Kindly help.

    1. You do not need to submit any documents for PLAB 1 registration.

      Fee is taken online.

      Register yourself at GMC Online once you have passed IELTS.

  21. Pls pardon my naivety. But I usually get confused why one should go the extra mile to convince them at visas and immigration of ties back home while one is actually going there to work. Should one shroud one’s intention to work in secrecy? Will I be denied Visa if I tell them I’m going there to work?

    1. Because this post is about PLAB visa, not the Tier 2 visa.

      We go to the UK on PLAB visa. We take the exam. We come back home. We apply again for a Tier 2 visa. And then we go to the UK to work.

      I hope this reply helps.

      Good luck! 🙂

      1. Sorry doc I need clarification. Is it when you get tier 2 visa that you will start applying for job?

    1. Yes, but your exposure might be less in a private setup. You will still find a job in the UK. But if you have more exposure, it’ll benefit you in two ways:

      1. You’ll learn more; your skills will improve.
      2. You’ll have better chances of finding a job in less time in the UK.

      Good luck! 🙂

  22. Hello Dr. Naseer ,
    Thank you for your guidance to all IMGs in the world.
    I really appreciate your work .

    I have some doubts before that I’ll tell you some info about me.
    I am a resident of India and I have done my MBBS, MD (6 yrs course) from Russia in 2015 . 2 yrs i was preparing for fmge (licensing exam) and i worked for sometime . But unfortunately i didnot clear fmge . I thought i’ll clear my fmge and will do an internship in India but not happened.
    So i have to do an internship and i have found University in Armenia and is government university.

    Pls give solutions for following doubts.

    1. After completion of internship (12 months CRRI) do i need to take any documents from Armenian Medical council or from the university ? (except Internship certificate, which they will provide)
    2. Do i need to any document from Russian (where i graduated) university or its medical council? ( except degree with apostled by ministry of Russia, which i have already)
    3. Do i need to get registered with any of these country’s medical council?

    4. Do i need to get good standing certificate or any such document from any of these universities or it’s medical council?

    Thank you.

    1. 1. No, but the GMC can ask for any document when you apply for GMC registration.

      2. Same as the first answer.

      3. No.

      4. You only need a good standing certificate from the councils where you were registered during the last five years. But the GMC can always ask for any documents.

  23. In Russia the degree certificate or any work is sealed or apostled by Ministry of health ( thrz no medical council )
    1. Any documents for example?
    3. Will they able to give me good standing certificate or any doc if I’m not registered in their medical register?
    4. Just now above u said “i dont have to get registered to any council and in Q.4 u mentioned Good st. Cert. from councils where I registered in last five years” can you explain a bit?

    5. Do i need get Good st.cert. from Councils of both countries? ( Graduation country and internship country)
    6. Will GMC ask me any documents from home countries council? ( i did not graduate nor i did any internship from my home country)

    1. 1. I didn’t understand the question.
      3. I don’t know the rules in Russia.
      4. You don’t necessarily have to register with any council. But if you do, you need CGS from them.
      5. What I said about stands true.
      6. No.

  24. 3000 GBP are necessary for the balance?
    if account is created 3 months before visa is applied how can we get 6 months bank statement?
    can we use father bank account statement??

    1. There are no fixed rules for visa applications. I have seen people with 3-month statements of 1,500 GBP getting their visas.

      But ideally a person should have 3,000 GBP with a 6-month bank statement to apply for the visa.

      We can use father’s statement, but we would still need our statement to justify our finances.

  25. I’m currently doing my internship and will complete it by the end of March 2018. Planning to give plab 1 in March 2018. Do you suggest I work after my internship for a couple months before plan 2? Also is it compulsory to have 3 months experience in medicine and surgery ?

    1. 1. Yes, I do. Your PLAB 1 result will come out by April. Then you’ll plan for the visa and all. So it will take you 3-6 months working as a non-trainee after your internship.

      2. Yes.

  26. i graduated in 2014.. did my housejob in 2015.. but i have three years gap as i got married and have a baby.. im living alone with my husb in dubai.. if i start preparing for plab and pass ielts and plab 1 will it b possible for me to get a job after plab 2 with this 3 year gap

    1. Yes, it will. You might have to wait a few weeks to 3-4 months before you find a job. But you will find a job for sure. I know people with ten-year gaps who’ve found jobs. So do not worry about it please.

      1. if someone fails in plab 1 or plab 2 exam.. how many attempts can b give until u pass it

    2. Hey Anu.
      My story is exactly same as yours!
      Did graduation in 2014 ,moved abroad from Pakistan and now have 3 years gap.
      Now I have Started thinking for plab route
      Can we contact?
      As a moral support.

  27. hello dr.naseer ,,
    thank you for you great efforts and this very informative blog ,,
    I have graduated 4 years ago and unfortunately I took the long road of the MRCP and now am stuck in the middle so I decided to save time and sit for plabs my question is that I have been not working for the last year till now would that be a proplem in applying for the visa ? my husband is going to be my sponsor. ? and I would like to sit for plab 1 in the uk ,,

    1. You might face a bit of a hindrance when applying for GMC registration or jobs; apart from that, you will be fine. You can minimize this hindrance if you start working in your home country right away.

      Getting a visa for PLAB 1 is not easy or advisable.

  28. I already have a UK visa which is valid till the end of 2019 and hopefully IA i’m planing on giving my PLAB 2 in march 2019
    Will i require a seperate visa for PLAB 2 or my current visa will do?

  29. Sir, I am old grad 2005, did my post graduation in pathology 2007-2010 in India since working as pathologist in India. I want to start preparing for Plan. Can you please guide me how should I pursue and what r my prospects. Will my experience in field of pathology would add any advantage.

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