My List of Documents for PLAB 2 Visa Application

This is the list of documents that I attached along with my visa application in my third attempt.

(page i)

  1. Copy of My Current Passport
  2. Copy of My Previous Passport
  3. Copy of My Pakistani Computerized National Identity Card
  4. Personal Affidavit
  5. PLAB Part 1 Exam Result + Test Details
  6. PLAB Part 2 Exam Booking
  7. Airline reservation
  8. Hotel reservation
  9. NOC / Leave Letter from employer
  10. Personal Bank Statement (last 6 months) + Account Maintenance Letter
  11. Last 6 salary slips
  12. My General Medical Council Personal Details
  13. GMC – MY Primary Medical Qualifications
  14. GMC – Acceptable Overseas Medical Qualifications with References
  15. IELTS certificate
  16. MBBS Degree and Transcripts
  17. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Registration Card
  18. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Registration Certificate
  19. Appointment Letter for House Job
  20. House Job Experience Letters
  21. Combined Experience Letter for my work as House Officer and Senior House Officer
  22. Letters of Recommendation
  23. Character Certificate from ***** Medical College
  24. Provisional Certificate from ***** Medical College
  25. Bank Statement from 01/Mar/2015 till 31/Aug/2015
  26. My Visa Refusal Letter from April 2016.
  27. My Visa Refusal Letter from March 2015.


(page ii)

A) Letter of Support
B)  Pakistani Computerized National Identity Card with translation
C)  Business Visiting Card
D)  Bank Statement
E)  Income Tax Return 2015
F)  Post Office Income Certificate
G)  Land Ownership Documents
H)  Utility Bills
I) Affidavit of Support


A) Pakistani Computerized National Identity Card with translation


A) Pakistani Computerized National Identity Card with translation
B) MBBS Final Result
C) House Job Appointment Letter
D) Employment card
E)  Bank Statement


A) Computerized National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis
B)  Current Passport
C) Previous Passport
D) Tier 2 (General) Work Visa – August 2016
E) VISA for PLAB 1 exam – January 2016
F) VISA for PLAB 1 exam – March 2015
G)  Protector Stamp
H)  Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Registration Certificate
I)  Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Registration Card
J)  Driving Licence from Pakistan
K)  International Driving Licence
L)  Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)
M) Employment Letter from *** Hospital
N)  National Health Service Identity Cards
O)  Bank Statement
P)  Tenancy Agreement


A) Letter of Support
B) Pakistani Computerized National Identity Card
C) Business Visiting Card
D) Bank Statement + Account Maintenance Letter
E) Income Tax Return 2015
F) Affidavit of Support

84 thoughts on “My List of Documents for PLAB 2 Visa Application

  1. I plan to take MRCP part I on the 9th of May. What kind of VISA should I need? Is touristic VISA enough?

      1. i tried to contact mrcp office . they said they cant provide any info on that

      2. I am sorry but I do not know which visa is acceptable for MRCP. You should post this question on Facebook.

    1. what visa did u apply for ulug.. i am in the same boat and i need to sit for mrcp 2 and plab1 in june.

  2. This is very valuable information.

    I am applying for visa for plab2 test now.

    I was wondering if it would be a problem if I send my papers without my MBBCh or Internship certificates and just send a copy of my passport that states that I am a doctor and an employment letter from my hospital along with 6 months salary slips?

    I cannot send a copy those two certificates right now and I am in a hurry.


    1. Thank you for visiting the blog and thank you for your kind words! 🙂

      You would be taking a huge risk by not attaching your important academic documents. I personally would not have taken this risk.

      1. So I guess I’ll have to wait.

        Thanks a lot for replying 🙂

  3. what shpould be attached as “GMC acceptable oversees PRIMARY medical quALIFICATION” as when i opened the GMC, it gives you a long list of “qualifications” acceptable and not acceptable. but i couldn’t find MBBS or list of institutes anywhere. i m sure i have seen it before but cant find it now,can you please help?

  4. I am planning to give plab 1 in November…can I apply for visa for plab 2 before getting the result of plab 1?

      1. Okay…Do they give a 6 month visa easily? Or is it like a big deal?

  5. The academic documents along with the job appointment and experience letters, that you had submitted, were they original or copies?

      1. Hello Dr. Naseer , how can I prove through documents my relationship with my father ?

      2. The same way as I did. I just attached my ID documents confirming my father’s name.

  6. Hello do we need to attach a police clearnce cecertificatfor plab 2 visa?

  7. Dear Dr Naseer! It is an Excellent effort from you ,immensely appreciated.
    1; Can bank statement of only 3 months work when applying for visa?
    2; is account maintenance letter compulsory ?

    1. 1. Yes, it can. But 6 months is considered better/safer.

      2. No, it is not. But, again, it is considered better/safer to attach it.

  8. Hi Dr Naseer ! letter of support and other documents from UNCLE …. how much is that significant as compared to that of father,s bank statement, only in financial support perspective ?
    Can ONLY my uncle’s letter of financial support and affidavit etc work for me IF i present him as my ONLY financial supporter with required documents????

    1. To be honest, my uncle was my main financial sponsor. But I still attached my father’s documents. It shows that what you’ve written about your father is true and you have nothing to hide.

  9. Thanks for this Informative article.
    Please what Category of UK visa did you apply for When you were going for PLAB 2?

  10. I’m SOO grateful for your amazing work!
    I hope I wont be too much trouble for you..but could you kindly clarify briefly how you did the following things

    1. Personal Affidavit (how to get one?)
    2. Account Maintenance Letter (from whom?)
    3. GMC – Acceptable Overseas Medical Qualifications with References (from where?)
    4. House Job Experience Letters (who writes them and what to be included?)
    5. Bank Statement from 01/Mar/2015 till 31/Aug/2015 (why this time in particular?)

    1. 1. You will get this printed on a court paper and get it stamped from a notary at the court or the local council:

      2. From the bank, for your account maintenance. Your bank would know what it means.

      3. Please explore this link:

      4. House Job (internship) employer will write these. And they should know how to write these.

      5. Because this was important for my story. And I mentioned the following in my cover letter, which might explain why I attached this statement:
      “In my visa application, I made a numerical error. I wrote my salary as 26,000 PKR instead of 16,000 PKR. It was an unintentional mistake. This is why my bank statements at the time did not reflect my salary, as per my application. I have attached my bank statements from the time while I was working as SHO and you can see that my bank statements reflect my salary of 16,000 PKR. I’ve also attached my Internship appointment letter, which confirms my salary of 16,000 PKR during internship.”

  11. Hello,
    How and where do you I translate my documents ( house ownership)? Iam from UAE

    1. I got my documents translated from a notary at the local council’s office.

      If you have official translators from the British Council available in your city or country, you can go to them. Otherwise, you can go to the local council’s office, like I did.

      You might also want to check with others in the UAE about this.

      I’m sorry for not being more knowledgeable about this. 🙁

    1. Salary slip or pay slip is a document issued by the employer which has details of your monthly pay.

      Ask your employer. They would know. 🙂

  12. Hello Dr. Naseer, very informative blog post.
    I have a few queries. Could you please explain points no 21,22,23 and 24? Also what is a personal affidavit? And an account maintenance letter? I just recently opened up a bank account here.. I’m highly confused.
    I am an old graduate who gave PLAB 1 some time ago and eventually got back to PLAB 2 about now. I reside in the Gulf but may be applying for my Visa from Pakistan as I am currently here.

    1. 21. Combined Experience Letter for my work as House Officer and Senior House Officer.
      This was a personalized document issued to me. You can ignore this.

      22. Letters of Recommendation from my employers that were given to me after my House Job.

      23. Character Certificate from ***** Medical College
      24. Provisional Certificate from ***** Medical College
      Again, certificates given to me after graduation from my medical school.

      You can ignore all of the above.

      This is a personal affidavit:

      Account maintenance letter is issued by some banks. It states that we have had a bank account at their bank for *** number of months/years. It does not make any difference.

      I hope all of the above helps. Best of luck! 🙂

  13. Thank you for this invaluable insight. I have one query: Did you have any travel history before applying for visa?

  14. Assalamualaikum. Such an informative blog mashaALLAH. May ALLAH swt bless you with lots of jaza-e-khair.
    I have a query and i shall be highly obliged if you could guide me. i got my last 6-months’ bank statement and that of my sponsor, few days back. Now when i will go for my appointment at the visa office, those bank statements would have become 16 days old. Is that a problem ? Should i get bank statements as latest as possible ?

  15. Hi naseer,
    In what detail do I have to provide the documents of my siblings as none of them are employed ? Is cnic and their educational degree sufficent ?

  16. Thanks for the reply, can you explain point 13 and 14 I know you have been asked this before but I am still stumped after looking at the link, there is no particular document I can download from there. where are we suppose to get these documents? By emailing the GMC or is it something we have to get from our respective medical college ?
    Thanks in advance

  17. Very informative blog,but there are two unclear points :
    1-Can my husband be my financial sponsor? If yes , should I include my bank statement as well although not including enough money?
    2-Can I apply for the visa while being in unpaid leave from work? How can I provide a letter from the employer?

  18. Thank you Sir. Is it must to include no 13 and 14?What document should I provide? As I will be applying after june 11, I have to verify my PMQ by EPIC. After following the link you have mentioned earlier I got the GMC website mentioning criteria for acceptance of overseas PMQ. What should I do next?

  19. Dr Naseer thank you for this blog, extremely helpful

    i have a small question:
    In your cover letter, you state- quote “I would also like to state that my medical school is listed in GMC’s Acceptable Overseas Medical Qualifications list. I’ve attached documentary evidence of this from the GMC’s website.”

    what did you show as documentary evidence for this?

    in your document list you state that you attached:
    >My General Medical Council Personal Details
    >GMC – MY Primary Medical Qualifications
    >GMC – Acceptable Overseas Medical Qualifications with References

    From where can i get these and can you please send me the link to GMC’s Acceptable Overseas Medical Qualifications list?

    Thank you

  20. Thank you so much for such an effort.
    My question is, what Docs do I need if I stay with my uncle and aunt in the UK.
    I went to their place in London in 2015 when I was doing electives, as I was going on a student visa they didn’t asked any documentation as to where I would live. This time it looks it will be a bit difficult and I would have to prove everything.

    1. Documents to prove that they’re your family and that they can support you during this time.

  21. Thanks a million for such a useful blog. Myy questions are:
    1) Is providing brother & sisters id card or pasport copies a must?
    2) Only passport copies are enough or their work employment letters a must too?

    1. 1. No. It was relevant to my story. So I did.
      2. Depends on whether they are relevant or not.

      Good luck! 🙂

  22. Hello Dr. Naseer

    My uncle, who is a UK citizen will be my sponsor for my entire stay in the UK.
    I want to know a couple of things:

    1. Will I have to show in the visa application my own personal bank account details? It’s currently completely empty and since my uncle will sponsor me, is it important to attach any of this?
    2. Do I have to be employed during my VISA application? I mean is it absolutely necessary?
    3. how long does it take for a visa to get accepted/rejected for PLAB 2?
    4. Do we need to give the UKVI IELTS exam in this scenario?

    1. 1. You don’t have to. But it is ideal to do so.
      2. You don’t have to. But it is ideal to be employed.
      3. Two to four weeks.
      4. You need IELTS UKVI for Tier 2 Visa.

      1. Is it necessary to show NOC during visa process..?in our hospital they dont provide leave for more than 10 if i resign after my visa process,does it lead to any consequences??

      2. It is ideal to show some form of confirmation that you have taken a leave and permission from work, if you’re working.

  23. Dear Dr Naseer,

    Letters of recommendation for the visa do not have to be addressed to anyone in particular right? I have mine as “to whom it may concern”. Thank you

  24. My PLAB 2 visa was rejected and the reason was “not providing evidence of PLAB 2 booking”, although I have attached the email that was sent to me by GMC confirming my booking. I don’t know what else do I need to provide to prove that I have booked the exam, any idea?

    1. Sorry to hear about this. Please do tell you how you reapply and Insha Allah get accepted.

  25. Salaam dr naseer. I have been told to get a smart ID card made so that all the details can be in english. Now when I got my smart card from NADRA, I am seeing the home address is still in urdu. What should I do about it?

  26. Hello
    Please guide me how to provide gmc reference details as a supproting document you mentioned for applying visa???

  27. Hey thank you so much for such vast information. I have a doubt that I haven’t been cleared on. I have given an IELTS Academic and managed to score 8 and meeting the PLAB criteria. Do I have to give IELTS UKVI again or will the IELTS Academic be accepted while I apply for the UK visa? (I’m planning to apply for visa after PLAB 1, so that I could go and prepare for Plab 2 in UK.)

    And which visa shall I apply for?

  28. Thanks for your valuable information.
    I just need clarification; would a letter from my sponsor be sufficient or does it have to be a court affidavit?

    1. I used both a letter on a plain paper and a court paper. I think a plain paper might be enough. But why take the risk? It’s better to have more documents than less. All the best! 🙂

  29. Hello Dr Naseer,

    Thank you for such a informative Blog !! IT’s been very helpful !I just wanted too ask something regarding the passport. My address in the passport is wrong . I plan to give my plab 1 in UK in June. Hence Should i change my address now – if i do so, i will get a new passport and i will have explain why i changed my passport now-or should i keep it as such and apply – by doing so I might have different address in passport compared with ll other documents/

    Plese advise Doc

      1. Thank YOu ! . I will do so next week. Also we will have to submit the old and new passports together. How should i explain this change in address. Iam living in a rented apartment and do not own a house .

      2. I just checked my passport. It does not have my address. Does you passport contain your address? Please message me on my page. It will be easier to communicate there:

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