Azooz Alhashimi’s PLAB 1 Experience

(This post was originally written for my blog. Thank you, Dr. Azooz Alhashimi, for writing this)
They say all roads lead to Rome (Or the UK in this case), but I chose to take the shortest way. Plab 1 has been one of the most confusing exams I’ve seen in my life. Once you make the payment for the exam you’re on your own with no guidance, resources or support whatsoever. I wasted a lot of time and money purchasing books and subscribing to recommended websites that offered 1000’s of similar questions to plab 1 but in reality not 1 question is the same. I was lost and was breaking down just 2 weeks before the exam! I prayed for guidance and the next day I mysteriously found the plab group at which point I was hit with confusion from all the different resources and countless files. I then decided to delay the exam but brother Naseer Khan appeared and kept telling me to study the 1707 questions, the 7 samson mocks from 2013. I had no time so I just memorized everything I could without really understanding it. Even though I trusted him fully, on the day of the exam I felt hopeless thinking I was doomed. To my surprise over 150 questions out of 200 repeated exactly word for word and I was solving them like a rocket. I finished 40 minutes before the end! There were questions I wouldn’t have understood but as soon as I read the first line I went directly to the answer. For example I knew the answer was C because they didn’t even change the order of the answers. I ended up preparing for the exam over a very short time so acing it with 84% was the best news I could’ve received. Dr. Naseer you’re a lifesaver and I’m forever indebted to your invaluable help that led me straight to excelling the exam! Thank you once again!


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  1. Thank you for sharing. Please how do i get the last 3 recalls? November, september and june? I need it urgently and would appreciate your guidance

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