How I Passed My Driving Test

I passed my driving test today in the first attempt with no errors. I did not make any minor or major mistakes.


How I Prepared for the Test?

I started my preparation for the test on the day that I passed my theory test. I Googled the list of nearby driving schools. I chose Herne Hill Driving School as it had the best reviews among the schools near me.


Cost of Lessons

  • £26 for one lesson.
  • £240 for ten lessons.
  • £90 for car hire and a 90-minute lesson on the test day.


The Lessons

I realized during the first lesson that driving in the UK was very different from driving in Pakistan. Not only because of the implementation of rules in the UK. But also because the driving technique is different in the UK.


The Difference in Driving Between the UK and Pakistan

Back home, I was used to pressing down the clutch and driving in neutral while slowing down or making a turn. But in the UK, I was taught to drive in gear even while slowing down or turning as it is considered dangerous to drive in neutral because we have less control over the car in neutral.


Common Mistakes

These were the common mistakes that I was making initially:

  • Driving in neutral.
  • Cutting the corner while turning right.
  • Not looking in the rear-view mirror while slowing down or stopping.
  • Signalling too early or too late.
  • Not reading the speed limit signs.
  • Hesitating at the junctions and roundabouts.

I kept making some of these mistakes until the final lesson, which made me very nervous.


Number of Lessons

I took 18 lessons. I felt I was not ready and I needed more lessons. But my instructor felt I was ready and advised me to go ahead with the test.


Preparation Time

Since both my instructor and I had busy schedules, it took me 8 weeks to have 18 lessons.


The Test

The test was 40-minute long but felt like 5-minute long. My examiner was very nice and friendly. The test felt easier than the lessons.


The Result

As soon as the test finished, the examiner told me that I had passed. Then he gave me my pass certificate and asked me to sign a form. His exact words were, “signature chahiye”, which means “can I please have your signature” in Urdu. It made me laugh and my test ended on a good note.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does cutting the corner mean?

It means that you possibly ‘cut the corner’ or did not move far enough forward before starting to turn the wheel.

In the image below, the green line shows the car cutting the corner. The grey line shows the path that the car should take.



2. Can I drive my car on the provisional licence?

When you have your provisional licence you can drive on all roads except for motorways.

You must be supervised when you’re learning to drive a car. This can be by a driving instructor or someone else who meets the rules, eg family or friends.

The car you learn in must display ‘L’ plates.


3. If I pass my test, when will I get my licence?

If you pass, the examiner will give you a pass certificate. This certificate will function as your driving licence until you get your actual licence.

The examiner will also ask you if you want your full licence to be sent to you automatically. In this case, the examiner will take your provisional licence. It will take 2 to 3 weeks for your full licence to arrive.

Apply for your full driving licence within 2 years of passing your test if you don’t want to get your licence automatically.


4. When can I start driving?

You can start driving straight away after you have passed your test. You do not need to wait for your full licence to arrive.


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    1. I am not sure if you can. Because you are only allowed to apply for the licence if you will spend more than 6 months in the UK. You can only take driving lessons once you get your provisional licence.

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