About Me

I graduated from medical school in January 2014 in Karachi. When I graduated, I had my mind set for the USMLE. But then, someone told me about PLAB. I felt that it was easier and it would take less time, effort and money. So I decided to go for PLAB.

I passed IELTS in August 2014. I passed PLAB 1 in November 2014, during my house job. My visa for PLAB 2 was rejected in March 2015, and then again in April 2016. I was hopeless and depressed. I didn’t study for any other exams. But I kept working in Karachi, without any breaks. Working in Karachi without any breaks is what helped me ultimately in getting my visa.

I applied for my visa for a third time, in October 2016. This time I got my visa. I passed my PLAB 2 in February 2017. Since August 2017, I have been working as a junior doctor at a non-training post in the UK.

My Timeline:
Jan 2014 – Graduation
Aug 2014 – IELTS
Nov 2014 – PLAB 1
Mar 2015 – Visa Refusal
Apr 2016 – Visa Refusal
Oct 2016 – Visa Acceptance
Feb 2017 – PLAB 2
Aug 2017 – Started working in the UK