What to do After PLAB 1

You have worked hard for PLAB 1. You deserve some time off to relax and have fun. But it is best to start planning for your PLAB 2 before your PLAB 1 result comes out.

Follow My Timeline for PLAB 2 Planning to get a better idea of how I planned things for my PLAB 2. Keep in mind that the PLAB 2 dates are being booked 5 to 6 months in advance currently.


Before PLAB 1 Result

  1. Make a rough timeline for your PLAB 2 journey.
  2. Start filling your visa application.
  3. Start writing your cover letter.
  4. Choose an academy for PLAB 2.
  5. Choose a month for the academy course.
  6. Get in touch with the academy.
  7. Ask the academy in advance for a refund.
  8. Discuss your plan with family and friends.
  9. Provisionally reserve your accommodation for your visa application.
  10. Provisionally reserve another accommodation, in case you get your visa for 6 months.
  11. If you are sure about your PLAB 2 dates, take an unpaid leave of absence from work.
  12. Wait for the result.

After PLAB 1 Result

  1. Book the exam.
  2. Book your academy course.
  3. Take an unpaid leave of absence from work, if you have not already.
  4. Reserve an airline ticket.
  5. Assemble all documents.
  6. Prepare all documents for Certificate of Good Standing.
  7. Apply for the visa.


Helpful Links for Applying for Visa

Helpful Documents

Helpful Links for PLAB 2

29 thoughts on “What to do After PLAB 1

  1. Thanks for this great piece.. Is it advisable to stay back in the UK after plab 2 considering the cost and also the time it will take for GMC registration?..

    1. That’s your choice. But you will need to be in the U.K. For your ID check with GMC, which is your last step of GMC registration. So it’s better to stay in the U.K., for your interviews as well. But if you can’t stay, that’s also okay. You can get your ID check on your Tier 2 visa, before starting work.

      GMC registration takes 4 weeks roughly.

    2. Thanks doctor
      But It’s essential to pass plab 2 before working as GP in England Or I can start working with plab 1 while preparing for plab 2 ?

      1. You will need to pass PLAB 1 and 2 both and acquire GMC registration before you can work in the UK. To work as GP, you will need to qualify as a GP.

  2. hello Dr Nasser, Please can i have all the materilas for PLAB1 sent into my box. Thank you so much, your good work is appreciated. Morenikeji

    On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 9:07 AM, Naseer’s Journey wrote:

    > Naseer Khan posted: “Follow My Timeline for PLAB 2 Planning to get a > better idea of how I planned things for my PLAB 2. Keep in mind that the > PLAB 2 dates are filled up as soon as PLAB 1 result comes out. > Immediately after the PLAB 1 exam: You’ve worked hard. It’s tim” >

  3. Thanks for this wonderful blog

    Does it matter to book plab2 using the same bank account which I will present in the apply for plab2 visa?

  4. Many thanks for such a wonderful blog. Please tell me if its necessary to be on job for PLAB 2? Is it one of the prerequisite for Plab 2 exam?

  5. I’m planning to give plab 1 by November 2017. And my hosejob will start by the end of this year.
    Since you’ve mentioned to book for plab 2 and apply for visa right after my result of plab1, should I leave my housejob in between?
    And you also said that before applying for plab2 visa, we should have a job for atleast 6 months right? That would mean I should ideally apply for the visa in mid 2018.
    Should I leave for plab2 during my house job and complete it after I come back, or give plab2 after my housejob ends? Please guide me in what route I should select

  6. hi :-). Is there any post about clinical attachments/ observership in the blog? im looking for info on that topic.

  7. hello doctor! i plan on taking plab 1 in november 2017. my housejob begins this october. i initially intended on taking plab 2 in march or april 2018, but now i am confused..is it too early? i have a visa to the u.k already. would i still have to apply for a plab2 visa if i intend to take the exam there? and must i work for 6 months before taking plab 2 or does this only apply to people seeking visa for plab2? is it possible to take plab 2 then finish housejob in october 2018 before applying for registration? i was hoping to begin preparation for mrcp 1 following passing of plab 2 while i’m still doing the housejob .what do you think?

  8. Good day Dr Nasser. I’m a Doctor doing my internship in Nigeria. I have passed IELTS and intend to do PLAB 1 in Lagos in March 2018 when I’ll be concluding my Internship.
    I saw anadvicd on your blog(response to questions) where you said PLAB 2 should be booked about 5-6 months in advance as there is competition for available spaces. Please does that mean, I’m probably going to spend another 5 to 6 months after passing PLAB 1 before sitting for PLAB 2?

  9. Hi Dr Naseer!
    First of all, thank you so much for helping every lost dr (such as myself) with this blog! You are truly inspirational 🙂

    I finished my internship a month ago & immediately started the job hunt to finance my PLAB journey. I have been offered a GP position in a pvt polyclinic where the contract states that I will only be given 1 month annual leave. Is it possible to join an academy + have enough study time + take plab 2 all in that one month? or is that too unrealistic?
    Please guide me as I’m very confused whether to take this job offer or not…

    1. It’s not ideal but certainly possible and a lot of people manage this. You’ll have to study hard day and night. We’ve done this a lot of times during our medical school.

      Good luck! 🙂

  10. What is the time gap between plab 1 and 2 I mean after taking plab 1 when can we take plab 2 ? After how many months

    1. PLAB 2 can be taken right after PLAB 1. PLAB 1 is valid for two years, though.

      Also keep in mind that PLAB 2 can be booked 2 to 6 months in advance depending on availability.

  11. Do PLAB 2 spots fill out fairly quickly? I was hoping to book it within 2 weeks of getting my results for PLAB 1.

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