Home vs Abroad

After you graduate from medical school, you have two options:

  1. To work in your home country.
  2. To work abroad.

You need to decide which one is better for you. The following points might help you in making your decision.


Pros of Working in Your Home Country

  1. Close to family and friends
  2. Familiar system at work
  3. Familiar environment
  4. Familiar people
  5. Help at home
  6. Familiar language
  7. Familiar weather
  8. Traditional brought up for children


Pros of Working Abroad

  1. Better training
  2. Better pay
  3. Financial Independence
  4. Better lifestyle
  5. Basic human rights
  6. Safe and secure
  7. Better working hours
  8. Proper Rules and Regulations



The decision to work at home or abroad, might not be simple and may depend on multiple factors. You should make a well-informed decision based on your own circumstances and preferences.

12 thoughts on “Home vs Abroad

  1. Thanks Dr. Naseer…
    I have a question that after how long I am able to bring my family from Pakistan to live with me in UK .

  2. does age affect my chances after plab
    I’m 29 yrs old will start the journey
    I have good experience (4 years) and two master degrees in Cardiology and Critical Care medicine, will that helpme to get into CT directly or the 18 month rule will be applied ?

    1. 18 months rule has been abolished for CMT from this year. So your experience will help. Age will not make a big difference (of course, the younger the better. But everyone who applied for CMT this year from my circle found a slot).

  3. hello,
    one of my friends in uk said that non EU doctors are not that respected and even looked down by staff nurses. and while on SHO post after clearing plab2 , the path would be horrid as they would expect us to know a lot and incase of our incompetence being found out , we would be in soup. As a person, who has gone through all of this before, what would you tell about the environment for junior doctors in UK and also the guidance that would be provided to us once joining a SHO post . just wanted to know about this before i book my visa for plab 2 and thanks in advance.

  4. Thank you Dr.I am 4th year medical student in Ethiopia 1 year left for internship How can I get this chance to participate my interniship in UK?

  5. how many people do get into ct1 ?
    and are there seats which really go empty in ct1 ?

    1. Check official stats from my blog or from the official websites please.
      I’m not sure if seats go vacant but it isn’t difficult to get into CMT.

  6. Can I apply for plabp after completion of my medical pg in india? What are the chances to get dermatology resident seats in uk?

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