Skype Interviews for Non-Training Jobs

This post concerns the options of giving interviews for non-training posts via Skype.


Arranging a Skype Interview

When the Human Resources team emails you to invite you for an interview, you can email them back and request them for a Skype interview.

Most employers are happy to hold Skype interviews. However, some employers do not agree to hold a Skype interview. In this case, you have to decide if the interview is worth attending in-person.


Skype Interview Experience

In short, this experience is no different from an in-person interview experience. Therefore, it is best that you dress formally, just as you would for an in-person interview. The Human Resources team will contact you at the specified time. Sometimes they can be late. Be patient in that case. If they don’t contact you after 15 minutes, drop them a message or a call.


Skype vs In-Person

Pros of Skype Interviews

  1.  It is more convenient
  2. It requires no traveling; you can save money.
  3. You can give more than one interview on the same day.
  4. You can give interviews from your home country.


Pros of In-Person Interviews

  1. It makes a better impression.
  2. It shows your dedication and seriousness.
  3. It gives you an idea of the hospital.
  4. It gives you an idea of the city.



Choosing between a Skype or an In-Person interview is your own decision. I preferred Skype interviews. However, Dr. Omar Alam preferred in-person interviews.


Useful Links

  • You can go through Dr. Omar Alam’s collection of interview experiences here.
  • You can go through my collection of interview experiences here.

11 thoughts on “Skype Interviews for Non-Training Jobs

  1. Hello Naseer,
    Thanks for your and omars blogs you people are really helping a lot of people. May Allah reward you for the same.
    Coming to the point, is it okay if I leave my clinical attachment in the middle, I’ve not been benefitting from it. It’s in the department of surgery plus from day one I’ve not been told what exactly to do.

    1. Hello,

      I would advise you to complete it, as it makes a negative impression if you quit. If you are ever asked to take a letter of recommendation from them, it might not be pleasant. You might also have to work for them in the future, since the UK is a very small country.

      If you are unsure about what to do, please communicate this with your consultants or HR. They will help. 🙂

  2. Is it possible to get a job from your home country, without a visa? I have read training positions require a visa that lets you live and work in the UK. How can I get a visa when I don’t have a job and how can I get a job when I don’t have a visa?
    Thank you for your help in advance.

    1. Yes, it is possible to get a job from your home country without a visa. But most people are already on their PLAB visa when they get a job.

  3. Sir, how many years do we need to work at a nontraining job, in order to get a training one?

      1. 1.How difficult is it to get into FY1 in UK?
        and in case one gets into FY1 in UK,is it better to do both FY1 and FY2 in UK OR
        to go for house job in Pakistan and then go for non training in UK and later on FY2

        2. When is the best time to give ilets? how long is it valid for?

        3. how is a nontraining job different from a training job, in terms of working hours and the work

      2. 1. Very.
        The former.

        2. Just before or just after graduation. IELTS is valid for two years.
        Please check my posts for undergraduates and for IELTS.

        3. There is no difference.

  4. Sir, have you ever heard of someone getting into FY1..
    what is required? a high score in plab 2 or what..
    how can I increase my chances of getting my internship from UK. and not from Pakistan

    1. I have not. So I can’t think of anything that would help apart from being a British national and graduating from a UK medical school.

  5. Thank you very much Dr Naseer. Your blog really helped me a lot through my Plab Journy. I am following the posts all the time. It is really a great work you are doing and u will find all the success in life definitely.
    I have completed my Plab 2 and waiting for the results. I have 2 weeks for my results to out. I have already made an NHS jobs profile and searched for jobs. Found several interesting offers. My plan is to enter into GP training and aiming for the next January uptake. So my worry is that can I apply for any of the post without thinking of the speciality? Coz I don’t have any idea to which speciality I should apply.
    If I just apply any post regardless of the speciality do they give us an Orientation? How is the working place environment here in the UK? I am very worried about the new working environment.
    Thank you so much for taking time to read this Dr Naseer.

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