Tuberculosis Tests

This post concerns tuberculosis (TB) tests done in Pakistan for travelling to the UK. TB clearance certificate from Pakistan is issued by International Organization for Migration (IOM). Their health assessment centres are located in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Mirpur.


Who Needs a TB Test:

Anyone, traveling to the UK for more than 6 months, who is a resident of these countries, needs to get tested for TB before applying for the visa.


Who Does Not Need to be Tested:

  • Children might or might not be tested. However, they must be taken to a clinician at an approved clinic who will see the child before deciding if TB tests are needed.
  • Pregnant women can use an extra shield during the x-ray, opt for sputum tests or choose to wait until delivery. Click here for more detailed information.
  • A few other people mentioned here might not need TB tests.


How the Test is Done:

A chest x-ray will be taken to test for TB. If the result of the x-ray isn’t clear you may also be asked to give a sputum sample.

If your test shows that you don’t have TB, you’ll be given a certificate which is valid for 6 months from the date of your x-ray.

Include this certificate with your UK visa application.


Procedure for TB Tests

The first step is to make an appointment for the TB test.


How to Make an Appointment:

Send an email to IOM at and ask them to book an appointment for your TB test. They will ask a few personal details before confirming your appointment. They will send a list of documents, which we need to carry with us on the appointment and they will ask us to submit PKR 7,000.

They will send a list of documents, which you will need to carry with you on the day of the appointment. They will also ask you to submit PKR 7,000 at Standard Chartered Bank before your appointment day (this option will only be available at certain branches specified in the email).


On the Day of the Test:

Reach the IOM health assessment centre slightly before your appointment time along with the documents mentioned below. Do not carry a laptop with you as they will not allow you to step inside with a laptop.


Documents Needed:

  1. Three passport size photographs.
  2. Original passport.
  3. A copy of passport.
  4. Bank deposit slip.
  5. A copy of bank deposit slip.
  6. Previous TB clearance certificate (if any).



You will be given a small locker where you will be allowed to keep your mobile phones and other belongings. You will not be allowed to take your mobile phones inside the main building.


Personal Details Form:

Once you enter the main building, you will be asked to fill a single-page form. The form will ask for your personal details, including your UK address and contact information.


ID Check:

Your picture will be taken and your documents will be checked. They will take photocopies of your documents at this point.



You will be counselled about signs and symptoms, spread and treatment of tuberculosis.



A chest x-ray will be taken.



After your x-ray is taken, you will be asked to go home and come back on any weekday between 16:30 to 17:00 or between 12:30 to 13:00 on a Friday to collect your TB clearance certificate.



You will again follow the same protocol. You will reach slightly before time, place your belonging in a locker and then step inside the main building.

If your x-ray is clear, you will get your certificate along with your x-ray (on a CD) without any questions asked. If it is not clear, you might be asked to see a doctor in the same building.


Official Links:

Click here to visit the official UK government website page dedicated for TB tests.

Click here to visit the official IOM website.



The whole process can be completed in a single day if you submit the bank deposit on an earlier day.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I need a TB test if I am going to the UK on PLAB visa?

Since the PLAB visa is only for 6 months or less, you do not need a TB test for PLAB visa.


2. What to do if I do not have a UK address?

We are asked to write a UK address on the application form for the TB certificate. If you do not have a UK address, you can write your Trust’s address.

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  1. Thanks for the guideline. I have mentioned two different address for COS and TB test. one is permanent and another is temporary respectively. Would it be any problem while applying for visa? Thank you

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