Useful Links

Here are some of the useful links which can help doctors on their journey to the UK.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Files


  1. Naseer’s Journey on YouTube by Dr. Naseer Khan.
  2. Facebook videos by Dr. Ehtasham Junaid
  3. Guidance about PLAB & Job situation in the UK by Dr. Faisal Sami.
  4. YouTube videos by Dr. Aman Arora.

Blogs & Websites

  1. Naseer’s Journey – by Naseer Khan
  2. Omar’s Guidelines – by Omar Alam.
  3. Road to the UK – by Ibrahim Ivan and Ibreez Ajaz.
  4. BDI Resourcing – by BDI Resourcing.
  5. Plan Your Post-Graduation – by a group of doctors.
  6. Emergency Medicine Diary – by Nehal H Sarja.
  7. Susmita’s UK Diary – by Susmita Reddy.
  8. The CSA for the FY1 – by Adnan Asghar.
  9. WAM Archives – by William Mante.
  10. PLAB Exams and Journey to General Medical Council, UK – by Abubakkar Raheel.
  11. Zahra’s Blog – by Zahra Parvaiz.
  12. PLAB Journey – by Mona Qasim.
  13. PLAB Express – by Shilpa Cheriyan.
  14. My UK Experience – by Mohammad Zeeshan Nasser.
  15. Life as a Doctor in UK – by Midhun Paul.
  16. Postgraduate Medical Training in the UK – by Sunitha Reddy.
  17. Getting into NHS
  18. Flourishing as an NHS Doctor – by Syed Mujtaba Hassan.
  19. Ask Fahima – by Fahima.
  20. MTI via CPSP – by Bilal Shoaib.
  21. Targetting MRCOG part 2 and part 3 – by Ishita Mishra.
  22. The Mad Doc Blogs – by Usama Basit Abbasi.
  23. The Savvy IMG – by Nicholas Tan.
  24. Psychiatry Training by Raja Adnan Ahmed.
  25. Saleha Speaks by Saleha Azhar.
  26. Meddi Buddy‘s blog section.
  27. Shameek Datta by Shameek Datta.
  28. IMG – Day by Day by Raja Tiwary.
  29. MBBS2NHS by Vaanathi Paulvannan and Reetu Maliekkal.

Websites for Checking Hospital Ratings in the UK