Mistakes During the PLAB 2 Exam

You are Going to Make Mistakes

Nearly no one does well in all 18 stations. So you are going to make mistakes during your PLAB 2 exam. You might mess up one whole station as well. Sometimes people mess up two or three stations as well.


And It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

But all of this is completely okay. It happens. And when it happens, you should know that there are 15-17 other stations, where you can even score 12/12. Yes, people do score 12/12 in stations, if they get everything right.


Stay Calm

As long as you stay calm and don’t let a messed up station affect your other stations, you will easily pass your exam. It is very important to be mentally prepared to make mistakes and to ignore them; to not let them get to your head. Remember, you only have to get 50% score to pass the exam. Your goal is not to achieve 90% score. You only have to get half of the things right.



I’ve heard stories of so many people making mistakes in their exams and those mistakes affecting their next few stations. The stations where they make mistakes, are the stations which they end up passing. However, due to those mistakes getting to their head, they end up failing the next stations.

I was told about a student who did not use an instrument properly during the exam. As she was exiting the station, she was told by the examiner about her mistake. She got so worried that she failed the next 5 or 6 stations. However, she ended up passing the station where she had not used the instrument properly.



So even if you think you’ve made a mistake and you think you’ve failed the station, you might be wrong. So do not let your mistakes affect your next stations.

2 thoughts on “Mistakes During the PLAB 2 Exam

  1. Hi Naseer, can you please guide a bit more about plab2 in regards to what mistakes you shouldn’t do in exam?
    All academies are good. All use almost same notes but some people still fail. What do you think what is the key to success for plab2. I have my exam in few days. 😰

    1. The most common mistake is that people act as robots who have crammed instead of humans who are doctors and seeing patients.

      Just be yourself in the exam. You’re a doctor who looks after patients. That is who they wish to see.

      Follow the advice given to you at the academy.

      In my opinion, as long as you are kind and confident, you can not fail the exam.

      Please read this:


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