Misha Malik’s PLAB 2 Experience

(This post was originally published on 8th February 2017. It was added to my blog by taking permission from the writer. Thank you, Dr. Misha Malik, for allowing me to add your post to this blog)

Hello everyone ! Long time no see .
All those asking me about which course I took for plab 2 and myexperience etc .
I just thought it post it here (on the PLAB Facebook Group) !!!!

I’ve been super busy .
I took the 2nd January to 16 January course at SWAMMY ACADEMY!!
I took my exam yesterday (7-feb-17)

Well to start with !!
I’m extremely satisfied with my decision.
God knows what the result will be but
The exam is about *YOU* and your skills .
Everyone has their strong points n weak points !

Best thing about dr swammy is his personal input . The team of doctors he has , all of them are amazing !
They are the best ones in their respective field .
They will interact with you , guide you and point out your mistakes n will help you accordingly .
You can ask dr swammy anything at any time !!! No such restrictions :p

And the course is super super saturating !!!
I mean in one day , it’s a lot to handle n you can’t know it all .
That’s why I suggest that please there should be Atleast a month gap between your exam date n course.
Learn the differentials of some common symptoms and what questions to ask and how to ask them !!

Follow whatver dr swamy n everyone teaches you .

It’s all about you practicing !!
Try practicing with people from different ethnicity n cultures .
Interact with everyone .
There is nothing much you can study before course !
Just go through the old stations and ethics section .
Live Practice or Skype practice or even whatsapp !!
Your choice .
Improve your communication skills !
If you are rude ; work on ur self !
Take a mock In a beginning to know what your mistakes are .
As there is a personal feedback after evry mock in which they point out where you lack n highlight your strong points .

And I love dr.biji !!! She is beyond amazing .
They are all there to help you and they will even go out of the way to accommodate you .

Fingers crossed for my results , but I am glad I chose this academy .

And please ! I am here .
Best of luck to everyone .
And please please remember me in your Dua !!

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