My Cover Letter for PLAB 2 Visa Application

This is the cover letter that I used in my third and final visa application, for which I was granted a visa. I did not use a cover letter for my previous two visa applications.

The Entry Clearance Officer,
UK Visas and Immigration
7th October 2016


Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is Dr. Naseer *** *** (Visa Application Reference Number: ***, Passport Number: ***). I am applying for Business Visitor Visa for PLAB Part 2 examination. I plan on taking my PLAB Part 2 examination on 24th January 2017.

I am a fully qualified doctor. I am registered with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and I have a license to practice Medicine in Pakistan. I am currently working as Resident Medical Officer (RMO) at *** Institute, Karachi.

I’m also registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) UK, as a candidate to appear in the PLAB examination. My GMC Reference Number is ***. I’ve attached documentary evidence of this.



I am applying for the Business Visitor Visa in order to appear in the PLAB Part 2 examination. I wish to take the PLAB Part 2 examination on 24th January 2017. This exam is held only in Manchester, UK. PLAB Part 2 examination is not held in any other city or country. It is part 2 of the licensing exam for International Medical Graduates who wish to practice medicine in the UK. I passed PLAB Part 1 examination in November 2014 in my hometown, Karachi (only part 1 of the PLAB examination is held in other countries).



I have worked as a doctor in Pakistan for over two years; now I want to work as a doctor in a better system where I can improve my skills even more. There is no doubt in the fact that the UK’s healthcare system is one of the best healthcare systems in the world. I want to make myself a better doctor by working in the UK and by learning from the doctors in the UK.

After gaining a sufficient amount of knowledge and experience as a doctor, and after serving the UK for a few years, I would like to come back to Pakistan to help the people of my country, like many others have done before me.



Jan 2014:  I graduated from *** Medical University, Karachi.
Feb 2014:  I started my internship at *** University Hospital, Karachi.
Nov 2014:  I passed my PLAB-1 exam at Karachi.
Feb 2015:  I completed my internship at *** University Hospital.
Feb 2015:  I started working as SHO at *** University Hospital.
Mar 2015:  I applied for PLAB-2 visa. My request was denied.
Aug 2015:  I did not renew my contract at *** University Hospital.
Aug 2015:  I started working as RMO at *** Institute.
Apr 2016:  I applied for PLAB-2 visa again. My request was denied again.

Since then I have been working at *** Institute as Resident Medical Officer. And after having worked at my current job for 14 months, I am applying for PLAB-2 visa again, for a third time.

I would also like to state that my medical school is listed in GMC’s Acceptable Overseas Medical Qualifications list. I’ve attached documentary evidence of this from the GMC’s website.

There are a few things that I would like to state about my timeline:

  1. I started internship at my University Hospital as soon as internships became available. I did not waste a single day sitting at home.
  2. I passed my PLAB Part 1 examination during my busy and hectic internship.
  3. Ever since I started working, I have not been jobless for a single day. I have not taken any breaks from work.
    a) My internship ended on 07/Feb/2015. I started working as SHO from 08/Feb/2015.
    b) My job as SHO ended on 07/Aug/2015. I joined *** Institute as RMO from 08/Aug/2015.
  4. I did not renew my contract as Senior House Officer (SHO) at *** University Hospital and I joined *** institute as Resident Medical Officer, because I wanted my career to move forward. *** Institute is one of the largest kidney treatment centers of South Asia. And it is the only hospital where kidney transplants take place in Pakistan.
  5. As is evident from my timeline, I am serious about my work and my career. I want to become a better doctor and I never want to stop learning.



I live with my parents … My brother lives in the UK.
My father is self-employed. He is the main bread-earner.
My brother works as a doctor in the NHS in *** Hospital, UK.

I, my mother … are financially dependent on my father. I do not spend my salary, as is evident from my bank account. My father takes care of our expenditures.

Additionally, I get *** GBP per month from my father for my personal expenditure, which includes money for my everyday needs. This money is handed down to me in cash. I do not deposit this money in my bank account, as I keep money for my monthly expenditure in my hand.



My brother, ***, is also a doctor.
He and I graduated from high school together.
We both entered into *** Medical University together.
We both graduated from *** Medical University together.
We both started our internship together, at *** University Hospital, on the same day.
We both passed our PLAB Part 1 examination in Karachi, together.
We both finished our internship together, at *** University Hospital, on the same day.
We both started working as Senior House Officers together, at the same hospital, on the same day.
We both applied for PLAB-2 visas in March 2015. My application was refused. He, however, got his visa.

He went to the UK to take his PLAB Part 2 examination in March 2015. He came back to resume work as a Senior House Officer with me. Unfortunately, he failed his exam.

We both joined *** Institute together, on the same day. He applied for his PLAB-2 visa again in February 2015. He again got his visa. This time he passed his PLAB Part 2 examination and subsequently got registered with General Medical Council, UK.

Both the times when he got his visa, he returned within the specified frame of time. During his stay he obeyed all the rules and regulations of UK legislation. He was not involved in any wrong doing or any illegal activity.

Recently he got his Tier 2 (General) Work visa. Now he’s living in the UK with ***. He’s working as a respectable doctor in the NHS in *** Hospital, UK. All his relevant documents are attached in my application.


(Application number: ***)

My application for Business Visitor Visa for PLAB Part 2 examination was denied on 03/Mar/2015 for two basic reasons:

  1. My bank statement did not reflect my income.
  2. I did not attach documents from my UK sponsor.

1. Why My Bank Statement Did Not Reflect My Income:

At the time of this application, I had recently finished my internship and it had been less than a month at my new job as Senior House Officer at *** University Hospital. My income during my Internship and during my work as SHO was only 16,000 PKR per month. In addition to this, I was getting *** GBP per month from my father for my personal expenditure.

In my visa application, I made a numerical error. I wrote my salary as 26,000 PKR instead of 16,000 PKR. It was an unintentional mistake. This is why my bank statements at the time did not reflect my salary, as per my application. I have attached my bank statements from the time while I was working as SHO and you can see that my bank statements reflect my salary of 16,000 PKR. I’ve also attached my Internship appointment letter, which confirms my salary of 16,000 PKR during internship.

My bank statement did not reflect the *** GBP that I get from my father because that has always been given to me in cash.

2. Why I didn’t Attach Documents from My UK Sponsor:

I wrote in my application that I would stay in the UK with my relative Dr. *** and that I would visit my relative Mr. ***. However, I did not attach any documents provided by them.

Dr. *** is a distant relative, who had guided me in the first place about PLAB Part 1 and PLAB Part 2 examinations. Therefore I was planning on staying with him in the UK, because he was going to help me in preparing for the PLAB Part 2 examination. Not attaching his documents in the application was my fault; I completely accept my mistake. At that time, I did not realize the importance of attaching my UK sponsor’s documents.


My visa refusal was my own mistake. I have never travelled abroad. And this was my first attempt at a visa application. So the process was new for me and I did not fully understand the terms of visa application. I would like to apologize for my mistakes.


(Application number: ***)

My second application for Business Visitor Visa for PLAB Part 2 examination was denied on 18/Apr/2016 on the basis of the following reasons:

  1. No significant change in my personal circumstances.
  2. The cost of my UK accommodation was nearly equivalent to one month of my salary.
  3. Not reasonable to make the proposed expenditure of staying in the UK for 11 days for a single day exam given my domestic and financial circumstances.
  4. I don’t have enough ties to return to Pakistan.

No Cover Letter:

I made the mistake of not attaching a cover letter to explain my case. However, I would like to take this opportunity now to explain my side of the story, which would also make my current circumstances easier to understand:

1. How My Personal Circumstances Had Changed Since My Last Visa Application:

A) How my circumstances had changed in Pakistan:

When I had first applied for my visa application in March 2015, I was working at *** University Hospital as Senior House Officer. My pay was only 16,000 PKR. My total bank balance was only 81,732 PKR. Conversely, when I applied in April 2016, I was working at *** Institute as Resident Medical Officer. My salary was 49,020 PKR and my bank balance was 302,520 PKR.

  Circumstances in March 2015 Circumstances in April 2016
Employment *** University Hospital *** Institute
Designation Senior House Officer Resident Medical Officer
Salary 16,000 PKR 49,020 PKR
Bank Balance 81,372 PKR 302,520 PKR

B) How my circumstances had changed in terms of staying in the UK:

In my first visa application, in March 2015, I had stated that I would stay with Dr. *** as he would help me in preparing for the exam. However, by April 2016, my circumstances had changed. By now, my brother had already taken PLAB Part 2 examination twice. He had guided me enough about PLAB Part 2 examination and I didn’t need a mentor to stay with, in the UK.

Therefore, I planned a shorter trip and instead of staying with Dr. ***, I decided to book a hotel for my accommodation in the UK. I looked for the cheapest accommodation that I could find in Manchester and I got it booked for 11 days for 45,020 PKR (which was 303 GBP at that time).

2. The Cost of My UK Accommodation Was Nearly Equivalent To One Month of My Salary:

My salary at that time was 49,020 PKR and the cost of accommodation was 45,020 PKR. However, as you can see, I have never spent my salary since I joined *** Institute. I have saved all of it for my future expenses in the UK. Therefore, spending a month’s salary on accommodation in the UK, while I had six months’ salary saved in my account was not going to be financially strenuous on me.

This is only confirmed by the fact that I now have 13 months of salary saved in my account. As my father bears my financial expenses, I don’t have to spend any of my salary in Pakistan.

3 (A). Staying In the UK for 11 days For A Single Day Exam Given My Financial and Domestic Circumstances:

Since my father had already paid for my exam, this was the cost of my trip for me:

Plane ticket 600 GBP
Accommodation 303 GBP
Living Expenses 200 GBP
Total Cost of my Trip 1103 GBP
The Amount of Money I Had For This Trip 2000 GBP

The total cost of the trip for me was 1103 GBP, while I had 2000 GBP (302,520 PKR – rates taken from on 18/04/2015, as quoted in my visa refusal letter) in my bank account. So I had more than enough funds to finance this trip for myself, by myself.
Even after spending 1103 GBP, I would’ve had 897 GBP saved in my account; which was not going to be problematic for me, as I do not spend any of my salary. This is confirmed by the fact that I now have 4838 GBP (648,379 PKR) in my bank account in October 2016.

3 (B). Staying For 11 Days:

It was a single day exam, but it was not possible for me to travel to another country for an exam for one day. I was going to travel for the first time in my life; therefore I needed time to adjust to the surroundings. I needed time to adjust to the weather as well, as Manchester is a lot colder than Karachi, even in June. And above everything else, I needed time to prepare and to revise for my exam. This is how I was going to spend those 11 days in the UK:

Day 01 07/Jun/2016 Arrival
Day 02 08/Jun/2016 Studying Medicine
Day 03 09/Jun/2016 Studying Surgery
Day 04 10/Jun/2016 Studying OBGYN
Day 05 11/Jun/2016 Studying Pediatrics
Day 06 12/Jun/2016 Studying Ophthalmology + ENT
Day 07 13/Jun/2016 Studying Examinations
Day 08 14/Jun/2016 Studying Manikins
Day 09 15/Jun/2016 Exam Day
Day 10 16/Jun/2016 Relaxation + Meeting Relatives
Day 11 17/Jun/2016 Departure

4. Not Enough Ties to Return To Pakistan:

My refusal letter stated that I do not have savings, properties or other income. I am not married and I do not have children.

At the age of 27, no doctor in Pakistan earns enough to buy a property. I do have a good amount of savings as I’m saving money for my trip to the UK. Yes, I am not married and therefore, I do not have children. But I have a very strong bond with my parents, as I am their eldest child. And I’m always going to return home, to see my parents.

My brother’s record shows a family history of good behavior in the UK. He visited the UK twice to take his PLAB Part 2 examination, as he failed the exam in his first attempt. He returned within the specified frame of time on both occasions. And now he’s serving the NHS UK as a doctor in ***. We’ve both grown up in the same home, with the same set of values. As our academic record shows, I and my brother are very similar people, with similar personality and similar traits.

My record shows that I’ve never been involved in any wrong doing. I work 60-80 hours per week. And I’ve never taken a break from work, not even for holidays. I am serious about my career. I cannot even think about staying in the UK for more than the proposed time limit.


I felt I had a pretty good chance of getting visa clearance but I made the mistake of not attaching a cover letter to explain my case.



I was originally planning on studying and revising my books for my PLAB Part 2 examination, in the UK for a week, to get comfortable with my surroundings. However, in light of my previous visa refusal, I’ve decided to complete this revision and preparation for my exam back home in Pakistan.

I’ve shortened my trip to only four days. I will be travelling to the UK on 22/Jan/2017. I would return back to Pakistan on 25/Jan/2017. I will be staying for a total of only four days. This is my plan for those four days:

Day 01 22/Jan/2017 Arrival
Day 02 23/Jan/2017 Preparation for Exam
Day 03 24/Jan/2017 Exam Day
Day 04 25/Jan/2017 Departure

PLAB Part 2 Examination Confirmation:

I have booked my PLAB Part 2 examination for 24/Jan/2017. My father has already paid the fee for this exam. I’ve attached a confirmation of this booking along with my application.

No Objection from my Employer:

I’ve taken an unpaid leave of absence from *** Institute for two weeks, from 16/Jan/2017 till 29/Jan/2017. They’ve issued a No Objection Certificate regarding my trip, which I’ve attached with my application.

I will return back to Pakistan on 25/Jan/2017. After having worked and studied nonstop for so long, I will rest for four days. I will resume work at *** Institute from Monday, 30/Jan/2017.


I will be staying at Hatters Manchester, 50 Newton Street, Manchester City Centre, M1 2EA, United Kingdom, from 22/Jan/2017 till 25/Jan/2017. The cost of this stay would only be 41 GBP. I can easily afford this since I have 648,379 PKR (4838 GBP) in my account. I’ve attached confirmation from Hatters Manchester for this stay.

I will not be visiting any friends or relatives in the UK, since I will not have the time or need to see anyone in the UK. My brother has already guided me in detail about the exam, since he’s taken the exam twice. I will stay at Hatters Manchester and spend all my time in studying for the exam.

Provisional Airline Booking:

I will be travelling to the UK on 22/Jan/2017. I’ve made a provisional airline booking via Emirates Airline. I’ve attached the provisional ticket along with my application. The cost of this ticket is 463 GBP. I will make a confirmed airline booking once my visa application is approved.



I am working at *** Institute as a Resident Medical Officer. My current salary is 53,922 PKR. I am attaching my bank statement and my pay slips as a proof of this. I have 648,379 PKR (4838 GBP) in my bank account. The cost of my trip is only 584 GBP.

How My Financial Circumstances Have Changed Since My Last Application:

When I had last applied, my salary was 49,020 PKR. My total bank balance was 302,520 PKR.

After an annual increment in my salary in July 2016, my salary now is 53,922 PKR and my bank balance is 648,379 PKR. My bank statement and pay slips reflect these numbers.

As you can see, my financial circumstances have improved significantly.

  Circumstances in April 2016 Circumstances in October 2016
Salary 49,020 PKR 53,922 PKR
Bank Balance 302,520 PKR (2000 GBP) 648,379 PKR (4838 GBP)

Total Cost of the Trip:

Since I planned a shorter trip  and I made earlier reservations; I found a cheaper airline ticket and a cheaper accommodation. This reduced the cost of my trip significantly. The cost of my trip is only 584 GBP.

Plane ticket 463 GBP
Accommodation 41 GBP
Living Expenses 80 GBP
Total Cost of my Trip 584 GBP
The Amount of Money I Have For This Trip 4838 GBP


In comparison to my previous visa application, my total cost of trip has nearly halved (because of a shorter trip and earlier reservations) and my total bank balance has more than doubled (because I did not spend any of my salary). I have more than enough money for this trip. I will be financially comfortable in the UK for this short trip of four days.



I’m comfortable as I have enough money of my own; I do not think I will require financial support from anyone else. However, in light of my previous visa refusal, my uncle and my father are willing to support me financially, if need be. Both of them have supported me financially in the past.

My Uncle’s Financial Support:

My uncle, ***, is my father’s brother (you can confirm this from my father and my uncle’s Pakistani Computerized National Identity Cards). He’s very close to me. He’s helped me financially at other occasions. He’s like a father and a mentor to me. He has no problem in financing my trip, if need be.

He has more than enough funds to provide for this trip. I’ve attached his relevant documents along with an affidavit signed by him, stating that he would help me financially, if need arises.

I did not attach my uncle’s documents in my last application because I felt I had enough money to finance my trip myself. I still feel I have enough money to finance my trip, however, due to the reasons of refusal of my previous application; I am attaching my uncle’s documents.

My Father’s Financial Support:

As I’ve stated before, my father is the main bread-earner of our house. He supports himself, my mother, ***. He earns enough to meet all of our needs. He paid for five years of medical school fee ***. My PLAB Part 2 examination fee of 840 GBP is also paid by my father.

My father runs a business of ***. His business dealing is mostly through post office and not through his bank account. This explains why he does not have a healthy bank statement. Nearly all of his transactions are through the post office in cash.

To prove this, I’ve attached a letter from the post office, stating my father’s monthly income from the post office, which is over *** PKR /month (*** GBP).  I’ve also attached an affidavit signed by my father, along with his other relevant documents.


I have more than enough funds for my UK trip in my own bank account, from my own earnings. I will only be spending 12 percent of these savings, which will not be problematic for me, as I do not have to spend any of my earnings in Pakistan, as is evident from my bank statement. My total cost of trip is also a lot less than before. I will also have my uncle and my father’s financial backing, if the need arises.

United Bank Limited will provide a UK based ATM card to me, so all my funds in my bank account will be accessible to me in the UK.



My previous visa application was refused under paragraphs V4.2 (a), (c) and (e). I would like to address those concerns for my current visa application:

(a) will leave the UK at the end of their visit

I would like to assure you that I am going to leave the UK at the end of my visit, as I have to join my responsibilities as Resident Medical Officer at *** Institute.

I’ve taken an unpaid leave of absence for two weeks from *** Institute, which expires on 29th January 2017. As the letter from my employer states, I have to resume my duty at *** Institute from Monday, 30th January 2017. Therefore it is not possible for me to overstay my visit in the UK.

I’ve had this job for 14 months. My seniors and my employers love me and motivate me. My record shows that I’m a workaholic and I’m serious about my career. I will not give up on my current job or on my career. Therefore, I will most certainly return back to Pakistan to resume my duties at work.

(c) is genuinely seeking entry for a purpose that is permitted by the visitor routes

I have booked my PLAB Part 2 examination and my father has already paid 840 GBP for its fee.

The PLAB Part 2 examination is conducted by the General Medical Council UK. I’m a registered member of the General Medical Council UK. My GMC Reference Number is ***. I’ve attached documentary evidence of this.

I’ve also attached a confirmation from the General Medical Council UK for my exam invitation. The General Medical Council has invited me at their Clinical Assessment Center at Manchester, 3 Hardman Street, Manchester, United Kingdom on 24th January 2017 at 08:30 AM.

All of the above show that I’m genuinely seeking entry into the UK as a visitor, to appear in the PLAB Part 2 examination. You can confirm my registration details with the GMC UK and my exam invitation from the General Medical Council by calling them at +44 161 923 6602 or emailing them at or

(e) must have sufficient funds to cover all reasonable costs in relation to their visit without working or accessing public funds. This includes the cost of the return or onward journey, any costs relating to dependants, and the cost of planned activities such as private medical treatment.

As I’ve explained in detail before, I have 4838 GBP in my bank account and my cost of trip is only 584 GBP. I also have my uncle’s and father’s financial backing. Therefore, I will not run out of money. I will not work in the UK and I will not access public funds. I have a shorter trip of 4 days, and I have more than enough money for this trip.

If my father can pay my exam fee of 840 GBP, financing this trip of only 584 GBP should not be a problem for us.


I am an honest person, a law abiding citizen, and a sincere and hardworking doctor. I have attached a few letters of recommendation from my senior doctors. I have been working as a doctor in Pakistan for the last two and a half years, without a break. I come from a family of doctors. My brother is already working in the UK as a doctor. My sister is working as a doctor in Pakistan.

I’ve had two visa rejections for PLAB Part 2 examination. These refusals have hurt me mentally and I have been traumatized by them; these refusals have halted my career progress. However, I’ve learnt from my mistakes and I’ve tried to explain my case to you as best as possible. I’m staying positive and I hope that I’ll be granted a visa this time.

I will obey all the rules and regulations of the UK legislation. I will return within the specified frame of time. I will not overstay my visit.

I have more than enough funds to finance my trip. My financially circumstances have greatly improved. The exam is already paid for by my father. It is unlikely, however, if the need arises, my father and my uncle are willing to help me financially. I will not work in the UK. I will not seek aid from the UK’s public funds.

I have a genuine invitation from the General Medical Council UK to appear in the PLAB Part 2 examination. I am genuinely seeking entry into the UK as a visitor.

I have verified my statements on oath at the District Central Office Karachi on 4th October 2016. I have attached the signed affidavit.

I would by highly grateful to you if you grant me visa clearance to appear in PLAB Part 2 examination in Manchester and to make a success story out of my life.

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.

Thank you! Have a nice day!

Yours’ Sincerely,
Dr. Naseer *** ***.
General Medical Council Reference Number: ***
Pakistani Computerized National Identity Number: ***
Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Registration Number:***
Residential Address: ***
Phone Number: ***

P.S. Internship in Pakistan is also known as Foundation Year Programme or House Job

P.P.S All PKR to GBP conversions in my cover letter were done by taking rates from from on 07/October/2016 (1 GBP = 134.030 PKR), as rates from were quoted in my visa refusal letters.

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  1. Good day,for the times you were refused visa by the uk, did the GMC refund youthe money paid for plab 2??

      1. Thank you very much for this valuable info. I am also planning to apply for the Visa. Can you please upload how to write the sponsor letter? It would be a big help.
        Thank you

  2. It was great reading your blog doctor. You said the GMC returned your complete exam fee after the visa refusal. How close to the exam date was the cancellation of your booking? Is there a time limit after which you would not be (fully) refunded if you cancel your booking?

    1. In cases of visa refusal, GMC refunds 100% of exam fee, regardless of how close it is to the exam.

      In case your visa is not refused and you still want to cancel your booking:

      They refund a 100% if it’s more than 83 days before exam.

      They refund 50% if it’s more than 43 days before exam.

      They refund nothing if it’s less than 43 days before the exam.

  3. Thanks for this blog. How were you able to attend Hammed common station considering the fact that your planned trip will last for 4 days and you have already booked a plab 2 date with GMC?

      1. Did this situation give negative impact in future visa application that last time you stated 4 days but you stayed more than 4 days.

    1. I did not have to cancel or postpone my exam that I booked for 24th January 2017. I had more than enough time to prepare for my exam. I planned for everything well in advance.

  4. ok i just understood. I initially thought your visa started on your intended date of ( travel ( Jan 22) on the visa application. Thanks Doc for giving ur time.

  5. Dr. Khan, I really want to commend your effort in putting up your medical life experience.
    It is indeed an eye opener.
    I am deeply encouraged by this.

  6. Thank you Dr khan. Wanted to know if I can comfortably postpone the date of my plab 2 exam after booking on arriving uk.
    Reason is this, if follow your rules and make my trip shorter say 1week,I won’t have enough time to attend say swammy classes and personal revision. Perhaps the ECO won’t like a plab 2 exam date about 8 weeks from the time I applied for visa while I stated I would be in Uk for just 1week for the exam. Pls help me on this as I only have £2000 savings which I intend to split it over 6 months in my account as my salary, currently working but my salary as a doctor is too poor here in my domicile country

  7. Dr. Khan you have mentioned you stayed and joined the academy and came back to Pakistan after getting a job in the UK. Did you resign from your post here because getting such a long leave without pay is very difficult.

  8. hello,
    Should I include my Uncle’s passport copy in the attached documents if he is my sponsor?

  9. Sir, i am an indian student and have graduated two years ago. I have been unemployed since then because i felt that work would only get in my way of preparing for my exams. Will this be a hurdle in the visa process. Thank you.

    1. It can be an obstacle, yes. But if you’ve been employed for at least six months before applying for a visa, you should be fine.

      I would advise you to find a job and start working as soon as possible.

    2. I doubt employment is compulsory. I’m from Myanmar (aka Burma) 🇲🇲 and I’m unemployed since my graduation in 2014. I applied U.K. 🇬🇧 Visa for PLAB 2 in 2017 with “unemployed” and I Visa got granted (180-days). Besides, dozens of my local colleagues applied with the same status and got visa too.

      1. Oh! I see. This is interesting. Maybe that is the situation from Myanmar, but from Pakistan, it’s difficult to get a visa without being employed.

      2. Hi Kyaw,
        How were you able to get Visa while unemployed? What about the bank statement for 6 mths or did you have a sponsor?

  10. Hello dr naseer, really a great help you r doing to the doctors community cheers for that. Regarding plab 2 visa , I want to ask that i have made and affidavit of support by my father in addition to that what documnts to provide to show father’s earnings are legal and authentic as my father is self employed. FBR tax returns slip is enough or do i have to provide any other docmnt??
    best wishes n regards
    dr.mehroz ali

    1. FBR documents are important. His earning according to FBR documents should be justified by your story and his bank statement.

      Also try to show his earning through any other means possible.

      Kindly check what documents I attached from my father. He is also self-employed.

  11. Thank you so very much. Jazakallahu kul khair.

    Doctor, do you have a similar template for a reference letter from a clinical supervisor back in one’s home country? Would you please share your ideas if you do? I’m applying for scholarship at a Masters in Internal Medicine program in the UK and would like to improve my chances of gaining the scholarship by submitting a well-written reference letter from my supervisor. Any pointers on how and what to write, would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hello,

      I apologize but I do not have a template for such a letter as I’ve never had to write one. I am sorry! I’m sure your clinical supervisor would have an idea as to how to write it. You can also take tips from Google. If I find anything, I will share it for sure.

      Have a nice day! 🙂

  12. Thank u doctor.

    1) Do we need to show an sponsor additionally, even if we are showing self-sufficiency through bank-statement?

    2) Can I show my brother (a UK resident) as my sponsor? And can strong family ties in UK (2 of my siblings) lead to visa refusal?

    Sorry for long questions pal. You indeed have a commendable role in making many of us successful.

    1. 1. You don’t have to show a sponsor in this case. So it is completely okay, if you do not. But if you do, it would make you look more stable.

      2. You must be honest about his presence in the UK. You must show that he exists and lives there legally. His presence can strengthen your case. Because it shows that you already have family in the UK and your family in the UK is living there legally, following all the rules. So you too would follow the rules. You can use him as a backup sponsor. I mean you must not stay with him. But you can ask him to write a letter, stating that if need be, he would provide you with funds or accommodation. But you wouldn’t need his support, because you already have arranged everything.

      I hope this helps.

  13. Thank u for guidance.
    My plan is to stay with him, because it will be morally and financially feasible. In this case I will have to justify my option only that why do I want to stay with my brother?

  14. Is the visa always required for Pakistan citizens? Or is it just because of the lenght of the stay you’ll need in order to prepare for PLAB2? Thank you!

    1. I am sorry, but I did not understand your question. I apologize! But anyone who is going to the UK and does not have a visa, needs a visa to enter the UK, unless they’re a National or are from one of those countries which do not require a visa to the UK.

  15. Hello Dr Khan,
    Thank you for your posts, they’ve really been helpful.
    I need your guide on some issues, I want to apply for plab 2 Visa by the end of this month and my exam is in October…. I’ve been working for 2 years now but unfortunately due to poor planning I do not have enough money in my salary account at the moment, I want my husband to move some money into my account to make up the money that would cover for my stay, would that be a problem? How long do you need the money to be in your account before it would be acceptable for the Visa? must the money be only from my salary?
    I was also wondering if I can use my brother as a sponsor,he has a steady job but it doesn’t pay so much, however he has enough money in his account from the sale of a property, would that also be a problem since the money is not from his salary? The surname too will be different from my brother’s as I now bear my husband’s name, would that be a problem too?
    Sorry for the long post.

    1. 1. That is not ideal, but should be okay.
      2. There is no limit to this.
      3. Again, no such conditions.
      4. Yes, your brother can sponsor you as well.
      5. He will have to justify how he got that money.
      6. Name change can be explained.

      Good luck! 🙂

  16. Good morning Dr Khan, if an applicants sponsor is a cousin,a Doctor who stays and works in Canada,and is also a Canadian citizen. will it adversely affect my chances of getting a plab visa since he doesn’t stay in UK or same country as the applicant. Please your counsel will really be appreciated. Thank you so much for your help. I’m a regular visitor and reader of your blog.

  17. Thank you gor the guidance. I’ll like to know if you were able to get a refund for the plab2 after your visa was denied?

    1. Yes, I got a hundred percent refund of my PLAB 2 fee both the times when my visa was refused.

  18. Maa Sha Allah brother you are really a gem. May Allah bless you for your efforts you are providing to your colleagues.
    i need to know,
    1. Do the length of cover letter matters, like putting too much details.
    2. Attaching a lot of documents, which sometimes feel unnecessary or irrelevant. OR if the documents are genuine enough, we should add them with our application
    3. Is the previous history of travelling abroad is mentioned, it carries a positive impact.

    jazakAllah in advance

    1. 1. It does not.

      2. It’s better to add more documents than adding less documents.

      3. It does.

  19. Hello Dr Naseer,

    You wrote in your cover letter that your exam was on 24th January. Now since the UK immigration knows that you will only need the visa from 22nd January, Let’s assume you got the visa on the 20th January, how will you be able to attend the PLAB 2 Course which was supposed to be about a month before the exam? Please kindly explain, thank you.

      1. But you have to show a proof of confirmation of exam booking from GMC showing that date you claimed. So how will you delay the exam after booking with GMC already? Please kindly explain so that we can be guided. Thank you

      2. By cancelling and rebooking the exam after being granted the visa.

  20. My other question is if my wife is also working can I add her bank statement as part of my financial declarations?

  21. Hi Dr Naseer … i have some questions… right now iam not employed but i have enough funds to sponsor my plab 2 journey which i earned from my last job in Maldives .. i left my previous job and came back just 2 months ago. what are the chances of me getting visa on that basis?
    secondly my mother who is a retired teacher can also sponsor me and she has enough funds in her account but the prob is that she has money in seperate account while her monthly income is in other account which has no funds other than monthly pension… so do i have to show statements of both accounts if i show her my sponsor???
    i am confused… how to present my case for visa …. kindly help

    1. 1. Difficult to say.
      2. You don’t need a sponsor if you have enough money.

  22. I need to your little help . I am from pakistan but i applied visa from China. My plab 2 exam is on 13th june. today my visa was rejected for two main reasons.

    1) I mentioned to stay for 10 weeks in total in UK in my application form. i added 2 weeks of academy course and 4 weeks of a gap for practice before taking exam and then 4 weeks for waiting the result and in the meantime spending time with my brother who lives in UK. later i realized what blunder i have done here .

    2) i live in china with my chinese wife and have no job at the moment and she is sponsoring my trip and i provided all necessary documents to prove this thing. however Visa officer says i have no strong ties in china therefore he believes i won’t come back. i couldn’t understand why he made this objection.

    so my main question is how long i should wait before i apply again?
    because i can correct my first mistake by cutting my trip to 2 weeks only. For the second objection i would try to clearly mention my strong ties in china in the cover letter. just wondering should i wait few months or apply again in the next coming week ?

  23. I just changed jobs, I’ll be joining from next Monday, 7th may. I have all ready booked plab 2 for 25th Sept and will apply for dr. Hamed’s batch of 4th to 18th August. When I apply for my visa, will this be a hindrance? The fact that my latest employment is very new. Please let me know, it’s a bit urgent. Thanks..

    1. It can be, yes. This is not ideal. Because your job will not count as a strong tie now.

    2. salaam dr Wajiha, what is the length of stay you’re mentioning in your visa application, i am asking because i have similar gap between my academy booking and exam date. your response will be much appreciated!

  24. Hello Dr. Naseer

    Your cover letter is very well-written.
    I really need your input regarding my case. I am working as a medical officer , have a steady salary and is reflected in my bank statement. In addition, i also work in a clinic out of my office hours on an irregular basis and deposit my earnings in my account. I can produce letters from both my workplaces when i apply for a visa. Firstly, will it be a problem that i work additional to my normal job? Secondly, i am planning for 4 days visa and total funds i will have will be 2000 £( me being my own sponsor). Now can i show my brother in law as a secondary sponsor who lives in the UK. I mean is it better i do that?

    Thankyou for all the help. Waiting eagerly for your reply.

    1. 1. As long as it’s legal to do so, it’ll be fine.

      2. If you provide all of his documents, you can show him.

  25. Thankyou very much for your prompt reply. Just need another clarification. I read your cover letter thoroughly and saw that u mentioned 2 sponsors and also said you most likely will fund your own trip without having to rely on them. So while u filled the online visa application how did u answer this question “will anybody else be financing your trip partly or completely”
    Thankyou again

  26. Dr Naseer, thank you very much.
    I av a history of visa denial but would like ti apply again a later in yhe year.
    I plan on writing plab2 in march 2019, but i want to apply for a visa in January.
    If i take ur advise on saying that i would be in the uk for just 4 days to write the exam and i were granted the visa. Will i not have problem at the port of entry in the uk if I leave my country at an earlier date than the one written in my visa application.

    1. I reached the UK two months before my exam and I was not asked about this.

      1. But its not possible to enter the UK before the start date of stamped visa right?

  27. AoA. Thankyou so much .your blog is really helpful sir. may Allah bless u. iv been searching for letter of support from uncle but i couldnt find it. Can u please tell me if u have attached sample of letter of support from uncle?? I realllyyy need it. Idk what will he write in affidavit different from letter of sponsor. As he is financially backing me up if need arises. Im paying for myself.
    Please reply asap,i need to submit documents.

    1. I have attached an affidavit and a letter of support from my father. Documents from uncle will be similar.

  28. Hey there, besides affadivit, what other documents did you attach to show your uncle’s financial support? For example, did you need to attach his bank statement, etc?

  29. How did you go about demonstrating your fulfillment of the following criteria: “will leave uk at end of visit’ V4.2(a)

  30. I was refused just yesterday and one of the reasons was the ECO felt I was using my four months salary to pay for a 4day plan exam trip. Am thinking of using a sponsor; my employer .He has decided to stand in as my sponsor and make funds readily available to me by sending 80% of the money I need even though I can finance my trip on my own. Do you think it is a wise idea to use an employer as a sponsor

    1. I’m not sure. Because an employer is not a relative. So it does not make sense as to why they would be your sponsor.

  31. The second time you applied you were employed and they said you don’t have enough ties to return back to pakistan
    Doesn’t that means they don’t count employment as enough tie??
    & Thank you for your effort

    1. Employment does count as a tie. But they see the overall picture. Also, I feel my second visa rejection was slightly unfair.

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