About PLAB 2

PLAB 2 is an objective structured clinical examination, or ‘OSCE’.


To Qualify for PLAB 2:

You only need a passing score in PLAB 1 to qualify for PLAB 2.
You don’t need IELTS or House Job to qualify for PLAB 2.


PLAB 2 Fee:



Format of PLAB 2:

PLAB 2 consists of 18 scenarios, each lasting eight minutes. You will be given two minutes between scenarios to read the instructions and patient information for the next scenario.


The whole exam will take around three hours and 20 minutes. There will be a minimum of two rest stations, allowing candidates a 10 minute break each time.



Each station has 12 marks.


Score Distribution:

4 marks for Data gathering
4 marks for Interpersonal skills
4 marks for Management


Passing Score:

Passing score in PLAB 2 is generally around 105-115 out of 216.
You also need to pass at least 11 out of 18 stations.


Scores Don’t Matter:

As long as you’ve passed the exam, scores don’t matter. So someone with 170 out of 216 and someone with 115 out of 216 are equally eligible to apply for the same job.


PLAB 2 Schedule:

PLAB 2 is usually held throughout the year, with the exception of August and sometimes July as well.


PLAB 2 Venue:

It is held only in Manchester.


When to Book the Exam:

Places are usually open to book about four to six months before the examination date. The places are generally filled up very quickly.


Joining the Academy:

Since the exam is completely based on clinical scenarios, it is very important to join an academy. The academy course usually lasts for 14-17 days.

I will never advise anyone to not join an academy. However, if it’s not possible for you to join an academy, you can still pass the exam. There are examples of students passing PLAB 2 without joining an academy.


Time Required for Preparation:

It is ideal to have 4-5 weeks after your course ends, to practice the scenarios.

However, even if you have less time, you can make it. Do not be discouraged if you have less time. I’ve seen people pass by taking the exam 4 days after their course. But to give yourself a decent chance, you should have at the very least, two weeks after the course.


Some Encouragement:

Most people who attempt PLAB 2, do pass the exam in their first attempt. According to GMC’s official website, pass rate in 2015 was 68% (pass rate for 2016 are not available yet).

22 thoughts on “About PLAB 2”

  1. Is it possible to take plab 2 exam after 2 years of passing plab 1? Is there any time limitations? Or there is less chances of passing in plab 2 when given after 2years . After 2years ielts may not be validated, then do i have to retake ielts for getting job?


    1. Is it possible to take plab 2 exam after 2 years of passing plab 1?
      PLAB 1 is valid for 2 years.

      Or there is less chances of passing in plab 2 when given after 2years?
      It doesn’t matter.

      After 2years ielts may not be validated, then do i have to retake ielts for getting job?
      You will need IELTS for GMC registration, not for jobs.


  2. Nasser bro, in your experience do a lot of last minute plab 2 slots open up due to cancellations? because it seems like everything is booked for months in advance. thanks bro.


  3. Nasser my friend. I have questions regarding PLAB 2. In hypothetical question supposeing i pass plab 1 can I scedhule my PLAB 2 test the next day if there is a vacancy due to cancellation? I see closing date posted on plab website next to test and thata is what confusing me. TY friend.


  4. Brother Naseer. Few questions I had regarding booking plab 2 exam test. I written plab 1 in June and will receive result on August 3rd. I am currently attending plab 2 academy in Manchester. My Q’s are

    1) There is PLAB 2 date on August 24th. However closing date is written as 27th July. I receive my result on august 3rd. If by coincidence someone cancels his test on August 3rd will I be able to booking that date even though closing date is passed?

    2) Please explain how swap works. If someone has booked test and I pay him that money I have heard he can call GMC and change name of test from his to mine. Please clarify.

    Thank you brother. May Allah bless us all on this difficult journey


  5. Hello Naseer, do you know any cheap hotels near the PLAB 2 center? I am also going for the common stations training program.


  6. Hey naseer, will I be able to book my plab 2 exam right after i finish my plab 1 or do i have to wait 4 weeks until my results are out first then I am able to book my plab 2 ? thank you


    1. You can only book your PLAB 2 once PLAB 1 results are out.

      Remember that PLAB 2 is currently booked for the next 4 to 6 months. So finding an immediate date for the exam isn’t likely.


  7. Hello Dr Naseer.. What is ielts expires after plab 1? Do we need to write ielts again and then book plab 2.? Or is ielts not required for plab 2?


  8. Hi. When is the earliest u can write part 2. Can u write it before Internship is over ? Can u write Part 1 during Internship and Part 2 immediately on passing ? Please provide the best earliest scenario possible.


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