Max Lina’s PLAB 1 Experience

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Hi, I am Max from Sri Lanka (Probably the most widely spoken country in the world right now).



  • My score: 150/180 (83.33%)
  • Passing score: 120/180 (66.66%)


Preparation Time

  • 10 weeks



  • PLABABLE online version
  • 9 mock tests


I am an average candidate who prepared smartly for a good 10 weeks for PLAB 1. My cornerstone of the preparation was PLABABLE online version based on good peer reviews. I did the same 9 mock tests. March exam was tough but it was doable. Just focus on what you know and seen and simply forget the stuff you are in doubt of. PLAB is an exam you can get through without knowing 1/3rd of the stuff.

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