Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

Certificate of sponsorship (CoS) is a document issued by the UK Home Office at the request of your UK employer. You will apply for your Tier 2 visa (which is your work visa) on the basis of your certificate of sponsorship.

Certificate of sponsorship holds your personal details and information about the job you’ve been offered. You can think of it as a letter of invitation for your employment in the UK.

It will be emailed to you by your employer. It’s an electronic record, not a paper document. You will attach a print out of this certificate along with your Tier 2 visa application.



The certificate of sponsorship is valid for only 3 months from the issue date. It means that we need to apply for the Tier 2 visa within 3 months of the certificate of sponsorship being issued.


When is the Certificate of Sponsorship Issued?

It is issued on the first working day after the 10th day of the month IF the application for the certificate of sponsorship was submitted by the trust to the Home Office before the 5th day of the same month. If it was submitted after the 5th day of the month, then the certificate would be issued the next month.



When we go to the UK for employment, we need funds before we get our first pay cheque. We also need a place to stay. Most trusts mention on the certificate of sponsorship that they will take care of this. This is something that you should discuss with your HR in detail before you get your certificate.


Letter of Maintenance

You can ask your trust’s HR to issue a separate letter of maintenance to you, certifying that they will take care of your expenses and accommodation before you get your first pay cheque. However, as long as they have mentioned this on the certificate of sponsorship, you do not need a separate letter of maintenance from the trust.


The Cost of Certificate of Sponsorship

The cost is only £199 and it is paid by the trust, not the employee.


Immigration Skills Charge

From April 2017, an additional fee of £1000 per year was added by the UK government to the cost of certificate of sponsorship. This is also paid by the trust and not the employee.


Certificate of Sponsorship Rejections

Recently a few doctors have faced CoS rejections. Dr. Ibrahim Ivan has written about the subject in detail here.

7 thoughts on “Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

  1. Hello Nasser Khan
    There’s something not clear to me yet.
    If I finish my internship (housejob) by July with Plab 1 and plab 2 done how long would it take to actually a job?
    Keeping in mind that I can apply for jobs before my GMC reg, and there’s the time between me finishing the internship and starting the GMC registration process then the CoS which takes more time.. so on average, if I finish internship in July with PLAB 1 & 2 done, how long would it take to actually start a job and starting getting paid?

    1. I found a job within 3 weeks of passing PLAB 2. It usually takes 2-4 weeks. But I wouldn’t advise you to stay jobless after internship. Because job processing in the UK takes 3-6 months (you should check my timeline for my PLAB 2 trip).

      1. I have just checked you PLAB 2 trip timeline, very informative.
        So once I got my full GMC registration and accepted a job (by July lets say) I should expect another 6 months to actually start the job ? That’s really sad, I though once you accept an offer it’s a matter of weeks and you start the job :/

  2. Hello doctor naseer. Your blog is really helpful thanks a lot for taking the time to pass on such useful information.
    My question is that when CoS is being accepted and issued by the HO, what takes the companies to deliver it to the candidates. I have been waiting for mine from last 3 to 4 weeks and being told it’s accepted by the HO. But I haven’t received the CoS by the hospital. What can be the reason for the delay?

    1. Usually it’s lack of funds from the hospital. But you should ask your HR about this.

  3. I need some guidance on my Tier 2 visa application. What should be the end date on my visa application? My CoS end date is 28th October, 2019. Is it okay if my application has an end date of 25th November, 2019,i.e., about a month after my CoS end date?

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