What to Expect on the Day of the GPST Stage 3 Exam

Stage 3 or Selection Assessment Center is the third and final step for entering GP training. This article explains the exam day experience of Stage 3. You can read more about the overview of the application process here.


When to Reach

It is ideal to reach half an hour or an hour before time.


What to Bring With You

  1. Original passport.
  2. Electronic evidence of GMC Registration from the online GMC register.
  3. Original evidence of right to work in the UK, as denoted by your citizenship/immigration status, e.g. passport, visa, BRP, etc.


What Happens on Arrival

The above-mentioned documents will be checked and you will be given a candidate number.


The Exam

Candidates are usually divided into two groups. One group has the consultations first. The other group has the writing task first. Candidates are grouped based on the candidate numbers given to them that day; candidates do not have the option of choosing which task they want to go through first.


Top Tips

  • Stay relaxed.
  • Make yourself believe that you are in a real-life setting.
  • Keep an eye on the clock during the writing task and during consultations as well.
  • Dress as you would at work.



You will be provided with the link for submitting the form to claim expenses within 28 days.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I show electronic evidence of GMC Registration from the online GMC register?

You can sign into your GMC online account on your phone at the exam centre to show this.

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