PLAB Visa Application Process

Please go to the official Visa for UK site and Apply from there.

You will find the following page:

On this page you will find two ways to make an application:


1. New Service

This is the exactly same application as the other one but has a user-friendly interface. So it is easier to fill. You will have to fill the application, sign a declaration and pay the fee to confirm.

You can select the new service by clicking on apply using the Access UK service.


2. Old Service

This is the conventional method of visa application. So you will make an account, sign in and start a new application. Choose visa type as mentioned below.

You can select the old service by clicking on Visa4UK to apply for the first time.


For PLAB visa select the following:

Reason for Visit: VISIT

Type of Visa: Business

Sub-type of Visa: Clinical attachment, PLAB, OSCE etc.



The Difference Between the Two Services

There is no effect on the decision of visa. I personally think that making application by creating an account is more convenient as you can move to the next section of the application even if you have not filled the first ones. The new application does not let you move ahead until you fill it completely. Also, while making application by making an account you can choose PLAB specific category of visa.


Checklist of Document for Visa

Must Add These

1. Passport (All in your possession).

2. Two recent photographs – 35mm x 45mm, with a white background (none glossy paper).

3. Printed and filled application.

4 A. In the case of no financial sponsor:

  • Your bank statements of the last 6 months.
  • Salary slips of the last 6 months.

4 B. In the case of financial sponsor:

  • Sponsor’s bank statement for the last 6 months
  • Affidavit of sponsorship
  • Salary slips

5. Accommodation proof:

A. If no friend or relative in the UK:

  • Show a hotel booking

B. If there is a friend or relative in the UK:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of residence permit
  • Driving license or utility bill
  • A bank statement is optional; if he is not your financial sponsor then no need for one.
  • Letter of support

6. PLAB 1 result email.

7. PLAB 2 booking.

8. IELTS certificate

9. Links in home country (Any of the following):

  • Job letter.
  • Property papers (owned by the applicant).
  • Postgrad exam results in your country or booking of an exam to be taken after PLAB.
  • Family (spouse & children).
  • Business (owned or shared by the applicant).

10. Cover letter explaining all but short and precise.


What You May Add

  1. Parent’s passports.
  2. Your National ID card.
  3. MBBS and Internship certificate.
  4. Airline ticket booking.


Recommended NOT to Attach

  1. Very old bank statements.
  2. Multiple bank accounts.
  3. Previous education certificates.
  4. Credit Card.
  5. The birth certificate has no role for adults. National Identity Card is sufficient.


Please do not provide any original document EXCEPT the following (only for Pakistan)

  1. Passport.
  2. Affidavits.
  3. NOC/leave or employers letter made for visa purpose only.


All other documents should be photocopies preferably coloured and only one set. No need of attestation for any document except Affidavit.


(You may use any type of VISA for sitting PLAB exam if it is valid at the time of test).


  • It is advisable to keep the application as simple as possible as every application has an approximate time of 15 to 30 mins for assessment so please make it understandable for the officers.
  • There is no need to attest any document except translations.
  • It takes 3 weeks’ time on average for regular visa applications to be approved, disapproval is usually quicker.
  • Priority visa is decided over a week (this is for applicants from Pakistan; others please refer to average decision time on UK visa website).
  • For those taking a test as couples, it is advisable to apply separately showing your case as individuals.
  • A cover letter is an extremely important part, it speaks for you. Write in very good English, very precise, clear and to the point. Half of your job is done if the letter represents you well.If you have an extensive and
  • There is no need of T.B certificate or Police clearance for a visitor visa.


Good luck!

Dr. Reema Rasul.

16 thoughts on “PLAB Visa Application Process

  1. Very helpful. Thanks alot. Will really appreciate if could get an affidavit template or just a general idea of what it needs to state.

  2. 1. Are bank statement with regular monthly input equal to declared salary + HR letter showing monthly income enough in case salary slips are not available ?
    2. Could I fill the application through 3 or 4 days before submitting or necessarily within one sitting?

    Thank you…

  3. Hello Dr. Naseer. Your blog helped me a lot in getting my application ready.
    However , I just figured out a problem. My intended date of travel in my application is 05 NOV 2017 and my DATE OF ONLINE SUBMISSION of application is 05 August 2017. That’s s exactly 03 months (and may be 01 day, which is the cause of concern for me) period that is set as the period before which we cant apply for visa nowadays.
    However, I am not sure whether this 03 months period is for ONLINE submission of application OR for submission of documents (for which my appointment is on 16th Aug; satisfying the 3 months condition well enough).
    Somewhere, in one of the emails I got after confirmation of my appointment, there is one example for this 03 months condition which is as follows…

    You can apply from 16 March if you plan to travel on 15 June.”

    If this example is kept in mind and date of application is actually date of ONLINE SUBMISSION of application, my understanding is that I have applied ONE day BEFORE time and that’s causing troubles in my mind.
    Can you please guide me in this regard? Whether this application will be OK or should I cancel the appointment (+application) and submit a new application?

    Thanking in advance in anticipation of a helpful reply.

  4. Hi, thank you for this website. I’m confused about one thing that by the time we’ll be applying for plab 2 visa, our house job would be complete, so what kind of job letter are we supposed to show them? Are we going to do another job in between this whole journey?

    1. Yes, it is best to get another job after House Job and work there for 3 to 6 months (ideally 6 months) before applying for the PLAB visa.

      1. So do they give jobs to just MBBS people in pak easily? Sorry if my question sounds stupid but I don’t know a lot about the things after MBBS. Also, can’t we do it this way: apply for visa in the middle of our Housejob and done with plab before starting Housejob?

    1. Finding a job post-House Job in Pakistan might or might not be easy based on where you live. In Karachi it is easy. I hear that it’s difficult in Lahore (but not impossible). Most people do find jobs.

      And yes, PLAB 1 can be managed before House Job and PLAB 2 during House Job.

      But the PLAB 2 is only held in the U.K. and the PLAB 2 trip would take at least a month (ideally it should take a couple of months or more); this would create a gap during House Job, which isn’t ideal.

  5. What is the minimum amount of bank balance that has to be maintained for last 6 months to apply for PLAB 2 visa??

  6. Regarding passport size photo, what do you mean by non glossy as it is mentioned in the article? The ones photo labs provide us with are all on glossy paper if I am not mistaken.

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