Anonymous PLAB 1 Experience (VII)

Trial Attempt

My husband got a job in the UK so I moved here in February this year. I was unsure of giving any exam as I thought I had forgotten everything and I was scared. I decided to give PLAB after going through Dr. Naseer Khan’s website and other blogs. The website and blogs convinced me to at least give a try in March and by doing that I would know the pattern better and could take the exam again in June if I did not clear it.



I PASSED! My marks are 148. Thanks to all!


The Exam

But I really thought the exam was pretty tough. At least not what was expected. I had a top rank in Indian postgraduate entrance exam and has given USMLE previously.


The Content of Questions

I think the exam was a mix of USMLE as there were a lot of lengthy questions. Time was scarce and there were a lot of applied questions on similar topics but twisted in some way.


Words of Advice

Of course, it was still PLAB as there were some repeats and the topics were from the PLAB topics, but the exam should be taken seriously.  It’s not difficult but yes it needs good hard work and practice for these new type of lengthy questions. It took me 2 weeks of preparation but in the exam, I had put all my 11 years of knowledge.

Hope it helps to guide people better. Thanks!


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