Anonymous IELTS Experience (VI)

(This post was originally written on 23 June 2017 for my blog. I would like to thank the writer, who chose to remain anonymous)

I am from Kenya (a beautiful country ) where English is the main language in all academic institutions. And the English subject itself has very ugh standard. Therefore, Alhamdulilah, IELTS as challenging as it is was, was better for me than what most face.

I sat my first IELTS test in 2013. I got a band score of 8.0 overall with 8.5 in both reading and listening, 7.5 in writing and 7 in speaking. I went for the exam having just done the free IELTS resources provided when you register. I had no idea about all the online resources.

Two years pass and I had to retake IELTS. I got a band score of 8.5. with 9 in listening and 8.5 In the rest. This is what I did differently:

  1. I went through Simon’s writing videos from the PLAB group.
  2. I went through the writing tips from IELTS Advantage.
  3. I read sample essays from IELTS websites in my free time.
  4. I practiced from those IELTS Cambridge resources in the PLAB group.The key is to practice, practice and practice. while I may not fully understand the struggle that many people face, I hope this can help someone.

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  1. Hello, I had LRWS 6.5, 7, 6.5 9. TOTAL 7.5, I do not know if it wise to contest the listening and writting.

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