Changing your PLAB Date

You might want to change your PLAB date for various reasons. This applies for both PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 dates.

1. Postponing your Exam

You can not delay or postpone your exam for any reason.

2. Cancelling your Exam

You can cancel your exam for any reason.

Cancellation Fee in Case of Visa Refusal

GMC issues a complete refund of your exam fee in cases of visa refusal.

Send an email to GMC, along with a copy of your visa refusal letter. The GMC will ask you to log in to GMC Online and cancel your exam. Cancel your exam only after instructions from the GMC. Upon cancellation, 50% of the fee will be refunded immediately. The other 50% will be refunded in a week or two. They money goes back to the same account or the credit card.

Cancellation Fee in Case of Other Reasons

If your visa has not been refused and you do not have any genuine reason for cancelling your exam. The following rules will apply on you.

Cancellation Fee for PLAB 1

Period of Notice Cancellation fee
Over 83 days before the exam No cancellation fee
Between 83 and 57 days before the exam  £115
Less than 57 days before the exam  £230

Cancellation Fee for PLAB 2

Period of Notice Cancellation fee
Over 83 days before the exam No cancellation fee
Between 83 and 43 days before the exam  £420
Less than 43 days before the exam  £840

3. Swapping an Exam Date

Swapping is not possible. You should continue to check the GMC website to see when new dates become available.

13 thoughts on “Changing your PLAB Date

  1. @Naseer Khan for the swapping does it mean we won’t have to pay any extra money for the swap. Or do we need to pay and then receive a refund later

    1. For swapping you will have to cancel your exam and book another exam. Having to pay anything or not depends on when you are cancelling your exam, as I have mentioned in my post.

  2. Hi! If i cancel my exam over 83 days before it, will i get full refund immediately? TIA!

  3. Hi, I am struggling to find someone to swap with. I have searched facebook and google, can you suggest anywhere else?

    1. Please check Facebook group, “PLAB 2 and GMC Registration”; there’s a relevant file in the files section just for this.

  4. sir
    i want to apply for refund for plab 1 due to visa refusal but my account from which plab 1 money was deducted is not functional anymore. so may i provide them any other account number where money can be transferred??

  5. Hello Dr. Naseer,
    I just booked my plab 1 exam for 1 november 2018.I carefully chose Karachi as the test location but my booking confirmation lists Islamabad as my test venue.I would like to give my exam in karachi.
    Im still around 85 days away from the exam.Now, should i cancel the exam or talk to GMC to change my venue? i have already emailed them regarding this issue.
    please help.

  6. Hello i booked wrong plab date by mistake then cancelled it immediately..could u tell me when will I get my fee refunded? I paid from debit card.

  7. Hi Dr Nasser

    If I want to cancel my PLAB exam for any other reason, will that count towards the total 4 attempts? Thank you

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