Iqra Marriyam’s PLAB 1 Experience

Studying With a Job

I used to get free from the hospital at 2 PM. After taking a two-hour break, I would start studying at 4 PM.

I would study one topic per day from Samson’s notes. It used to take me two to three hours to finish one topic.

After getting done with Samson’s notes, I used to study MCQs of the same topic from PLABABLE. I also studied details of each topic from PLABABLE. Most of the topics were repeated, so it did not use to take much time. I used to spend 3 hours daily on solving MCQs from PLABABLE.

Most importantly, I studied 100 MCQs per day from 1700 MCQs by Dr Khalid. It used to take me two hours daily.


A Week Before the Exam

A week before the exam, I revised Samson’s notes and PLABABLE. I revised 1700MCQss twice in 4 weeks. I did not get time for mocks, so I just solved a single mock test. I completed it in 2 hours and 30 minutes with a score of 145.

I used to revise random topics when I was on-call at work.



To recapitulate, I studied 8 hours daily with full concentration. If I can do it, you definitely can ace it too with flying colours, as I always have been a below average student.


(This post was originally written on 01 February 2018 for this blog. Thank you, Iqra Marriyam, for sharing your experience).

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