GMC Registration Fee Discounts and Refunds

The annual retention fee for GMC registration is £425. This means that we must pay £425 every year to the GMC to retain our licence to practice in the UK. However, there are some conditions under which we can get discounts for this fee.


Discounts and Refunds

You can apply for GMC registration fee discount (or refund) under the following conditions:


1. For Fresh Graduates

If you graduated from your medical school within the last five years, your GMC registration fee would be considerably less. You can read more about it here.


2. If Total Earning is Less Than £32,000

If your total income within your first year of GMC registration is less than £32,000 you can apply for a refund of half of your registration fee. You will get a refund of £212.5. You can click on this official GMC link to get more information.


How to Apply for GMC Registration Fee Refund

  1. Log into your GMC Online account.
  2. Click on My Account.
  3. Click on Income Discount.
  4. Click on Apply.
  5. Tick the box and click on Next.
  6. Click on Other.
  7. Write the following in the box, “I started working at (the name of your UK hospital) on (the date on which you started working). This is my first job in the UK. My GMC annual retention fee is due on (the date). By then, I would have worked only for (the number of months) months and my total income would be less than £32,000.”
  8. Click on Next.
  9. Follow the remaining self-explanatory steps.
  10. Guide others about this.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How would the GMC refund this amount?

It would be refunded into the same bank/credit card account through which the fee was initially paid.


2. How long does the GMC take to refund this amount?

The GMC refunded my fee within two working days.


5 thoughts on “GMC Registration Fee Discounts and Refunds

  1. Thanks for the info, Naseer! To calculate our total income during the first year to determine our eligibility, is it income before tax+NI+Pension deductions or after deductions that we should use?

  2. Can i claim discount before actually starting the job as i have got provisional offer and applied for tier 2 visa.
    my basic income on cos is 30k but gross is 45k.
    i have also not re-validated my hospital with GMC yet, as i will start my job from 1st November

  3. please if u can tell me one thing . i have started my job on 20 nov 2017 and my gross income till april 2018 would less than £32000 , should i ask for a refund on my GMC registration fee?

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