Shahzadi Mohsin’s PLAB 1 Experience

I appeared in March PLAB 1 Alhamdulillah. I started studying with a very naughty toddler in December.

  • I started with 1700s.
  • I joined a WhatsApp group after that.
  • I did Sush Unity with the group.
  • I also did Plabable 3 to 4 times.
  • I did 1700 twice; alternating 1700 with Plabable
  • I did Plabable mocks
  • A few Samson mocks

What I found really helpful was a mini WhatsApp group of 4-5 people and discussing stuff on Skype with them, reading notes with them when I was too lazy to read them on my own, doing questions with them.


Words of Advice

Do not expect questions to be one-liners. Hence, they are incomplete. Time management in the exam is really important and practice really matters. All the best to the people preparing for PLAB 1!


(This was published with the author’s consent).

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