Mahad Amjad’s PLAB 1 Experience


I passed my PLAB 1. I owe a lot of it to my dear friend Dr Tooba and Dr Naseer’s website. So I decided early on last year that I will sit the PLAB. I had a lot of setbacks and due to some personal issues, I wasn’t emotionally very stable as I lost my beloved brother. I gave my IELTS and my friend Dr Urooba helped me out for which I owe her as she was very patient in helping me.


Studied with Two Jobs

Finally, when I graduated in December I had my action set and I booked my PLAB in January 2018. I am doing a House Job and along with it. I am also working another job so my work schedule was over the roof but I never gave up.


Three Months of Preparation

My study time was about 3 months in which I brushed up on my basics. I used Dr Khalid’s 1700 and Plabable, which I did all. For notes, I used and step 2 Ck books which really built up my knowledge.


10-Day Break

I took a 10-day off before my exam. During this stage, I revised everything. I did 1700 twice. Once I did them solved and then unsolved. The key is to understand questions and in my humble opinion, it’s more about understanding questions and knowing what is what.


Study for Knowledge

Bottom line is to study for knowledge, not for the exam; the exam will be a by-product of your knowledge. When I wrote the PLAB, it was time-consuming and I finished it in time. Mind you the exam wasn’t easy but well that’s why it’s called an exam. If you know your concepts you can pass this exam really easily. Be very careful of what the question says as you can be misguided. There are a few people I’d like to thank because they always were my support and I am indebted to them for life.

  • Dr Tooba
  • Dr Naseer
  • Dr Urooba
  • My mom and dad.
  • And last but not the least my beloved brother Mr Uzair Ali Amjad who until his last breath believed in me
  • My lovely fiancé, Amal

Dr Mahad Amjad

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