Anonymous PLAB 1 Experience (X)

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First of all, I would like to thank all the beautiful members on the Facebook group for their tremendous support. I have to extend my special gratitude to Dr Naseer Khan for selflessly helping every PLAB aspirant. When I first considered the UK as an option, I hardly had any idea about the exam or the pathway. His blog answered all my queries and also gave me the confidence to study for it.

My Preparation

I had just one month to prepare for the exam. My resources for preparation were:

1. PlabDoAble

I started with PlabDoAble. I finished them in two weeks. I would read a question and try to answer it without looking at the options and then read the explanations. They are gold. You will get an idea of each topic that you need to know in detail. When in doubt, I would refer to Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine or I would read about the topics I was doubtful about in detail.

2. Dr. Khalid Saifullah’s 1700 Questions

Once I finished doing Plabdoable, I started solving 1700 questions by Dr Khalid Saifullah. I used it like a question bank in timed mode. I would try to do 100-200 questions in a fixed time. And correct them in the end. That way I managed my time and also assessed my knowledge. I would go through the questions that I answered wrong. I marked them and went through them again in the end.

3. Samson’s Mocks

After finishing 1700 questions, I did a few of Samson’s mocks from the last year. The mocks were really helpful in boosting my confidence.

4. Facebook

If there were any controversial questions, I would search them on Facebook and look for answers from experts like Dr Khalid.

I did not subscribe to any online question banks. I got all the materials from the files section of the Facebook group. I am extremely grateful to all the members of the group and to all the senior doctors for their selfless help.

5. Clinchers

The last two days before the exam, I went through clinchers and key points from the files section on this group. That also helped a lot.

Good Luck!

Good luck to all future Plabbers! Work hard and success will follow you.

Thank you again! God bless.

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