My Father’s Cover Letter for Visit Visa Application

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The Entry Clearance Officer,
UK Visas and Immigration
17 June 2018


Cover Letter for Visit Visa Application


Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is *** (Visa Application Reference Number: ***, Passport number: ***). I am applying for a Visit Visa to visit my son in the UK.


Reason for Visit

I miss my son and I wish to visit him. I also wish to explore the beautiful city of London.


My Background

I live in Karachi, Pakistan with my <mention family members here>. I run my business of *** by the name of *** in Karachi.


My Family

<Insert details of family members here>.


My Wife

My wife, ***, lives with me in Karachi. She is a housewife. She is also applying for a visit visa, so she could travel with me to London for this trip.


My Eldest Son

My eldest son, Dr. Naseer Khan, lives in London with his wife. Both he and his wife work as junior doctors at King’s College Hospital, London. He will be my primary sponsor for this trip. I will stay with him in London.


My Second Son

<Details of the second son were mentioned here>.


My Daughter

<Details of the daughter were mentioned here>.



  • Karachi to London: ** **** 2018
  • London to Karachi: ** **** 2018


Duration of Trip

14 days.


Airline Booking

I will buy confirmed tickets when I am granted the visa. I have mentioned the estimated cost of airline booking in this letter.


Accommodation in London

I will be staying in London with my son, Dr. Naseer Khan. He has a two-bedroom flat. He and his wife are more than happy to host me and my wife.


Financial Sponsor

My trip will be completely sponsored by my son, Dr. Naseer Khan.


Estimated Cost of Trip to Me

The total cost my trip to me will be zero, as it will be paid for by my son.


Estimated Cost of Trip

Visa fee £93
Airline booking £607
Traveling in the UK £200
Living expenses £200
Total cost of my trip £1,100
The total amount of money my son has £**,***


I would be grateful if I am granted the visa to visit the UK and to see my son. Please feel free to contact me if need be.

Thank you!


***** ****** ****.
Passport number: ***
Computerized National Identity Card number: ***
Phone number: 00 92 *** *** ****
Email: ***********


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How early can I apply for Visit Visa?

The earliest you can apply is 3 months before the travel.


2. How much money should I have to apply for my family's Visit Visa?

There is no specific amount of money that you need to have for this. As stated above, ideally, the total cost of the trip should be a small fraction of the total amount of money available in the bank account.


3. How long can we stay in the UK on a visit visa?

Even if the visa is granted for 2, 5 or 10 years, the maximum duration for which one can stay in the UK on each visit is for 6 months.


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