What to Expect on the Day of the PLAB 2 Exam

I passed my PLAB 2 exam in February 2017. Based on my experience, I wrote this article to guide others.


When to Reach

Reach the GMC building 15-30 minutes before time. It would be ideal if you’ve seen the GMC building before your exam day.


What to Bring With You

  1. Your ID document (passport).
  2. Confirmatory email of your exam invitation.


Dress Code

Follow the dress code that is mentioned on the GMC website. Dress formally. Wear half-sleeves or role up your sleeves. Elbows should be visible. No wrist watches, bracelets, rings or anything else below the elbow is allowed. You’re not allowed to wear a tie, unless it is tucked into your shirt.


Inside the Hall

You will not be allowed to take anything with you inside the examination hall. This includes stationary and medical equipment.



You will be provided with water and biscuits before the exam and during rest stations.



You will also be provided with a locker to keep your stuff in. This locker is big enough to store your jacket, your notebooks and a backpack.


Stay Calm

Keeping yourself calm on the exam day is the most important thing. Stay calm and you’ll pass this exam easily.


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  1. Is it allowed to work with sunnah dress code and beard in hospitals there?
    Is there any problem with beard in UK ?

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