Anonymous IELTS Experience (IV)

(This post was originally published on 25th February 2017. It was added to my blog by taking permission from the writer, for which I thank them. The writer chose to remain anonymous)

Hi everyone yesterday I got my result with the required score and the only reason to share this post is to motivate other people if I can do this everyone can.

I would like to tell my experience about writing section which really gives me a hard time throughout the journey.

For task 1 follow Liz essay structures,go through IELTSbuddy (I especially like his way of explaining process diagram and useful words for pie chart) and IELTSadvantge (specifically for maps, urgh I hate them so much) try to avoid mechanical sentences (band six error) instead use varieties of different ways to explain the trends.

Task 2: The secret is

-You have to know the structures..( different type of questions and how to answer them).

-You must know how to write complex sentences and for that go through IELTS buddy grammar portion.

-You must have a command to use conditional sentences in a right way if u want to use them.

-Try to avoid grammatical mistakes like spellings (especially it’s a band 6 error), form of verbs.

-It would be a good idea to use some good vocabulary but if you are not confident then do not show off just write naturally.

-and finally ,if possible, get your writing corrected by an expeIt ,i did with a teacher that i heard about from this group ,and i must say thats the only reason i got succeeded in achieving 8/7 in my writing section she pinpoint my weak spots and helped me in improving them and she is extremely friendly and nice.

She corrects 10 tasks for 25 pounds.

Her website is there you can find many good information about how to write task 2 introduction and conclusion and much more.

I also searched simon,ieltsadvantage and IELTS Buddy, just read as many essays as you can that will give you the best idea how to incorporate new words in your writing.

Good luck!

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