Mohammad Saad’s PLAB 2 Experience

(This post was originally written on 20 June 2017 for my blog. Thank you, Dr. Mohammd Saad, for sharing your experience)


PLAB 2 Visa Application:

A few Tips:

I would advise each one of you to go through Naseer’s own visa application posted on his blog. In my opinion, it is the best template available on the internet.

Each point on your visa application needs to be explained and backed with proof. You need to show strong ties back home (this is the most important factor). You have to see it from the perspective of the visa officer. Don’t give them any loopholes or opportunity through which they can point fingers at your application. Back up everything that you write on your cover letter.


My PLAB 2 Experience:

I landed in the UK on 8th April 2017. My exam’s date was 11th May 2017.

I joined Samson’s Academy on 22nd April. I had to go through a lot of study material. We went through all the stations – the old pattern ones (about 350) and the new pattern ones (80 stations).

I failed each mock that I took at Samson. The reason is quite understandable. Since I was taking mocks in between the courses I was not finding a lot of time to study on my own. I had no other choice as well. My course ended on 7th May.

On 10th May I left for Manchester. I had no idea what I did on the exam day but Alhamdulillah I passed.

I scored 120. The pass mark was 101.67

My results came out on 7th June.

I had brought all of my original documents to the United Kingdom. I applied for GMC registration and I am currently awaiting my ID check for GMC registration.


A few Tips for PLAB 2:

You need time to master skills, especially interpersonal skills. It is best to have at least 2 weeks after your course to prepare for the exam so that you allow each skill to settle in your brain. Repetition is the key.

On exam day I wasn’t nervous at all. I had decided that I have to give my best shot today. I passed those stations that I thought I would fail and I failed those stations that I thought I would pass definitely.

I would say it is an easy exam. Don’t lose your composure and it’s OKAY to make mistakes.

I had only 3 days after the course but Alhamdolillah, God gave me success. All I did was study as hard as possible in the provided circumstances.

Do not see PLAB 2 as an exam; think of it as any regular hospital day where you will be meeting 18 different patients.


Tips for the Exam Day:

  • Smile.
  • Be empathetic.
  • Be confident.
  • Have a little bit of knowledge.
  • Show them that you are a safe doctor.

That’s all you need to pass this exam.
Best of luck.

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