Father’s Letter of Support

The Entry Clearance Officer,
UK Visas and Immigration


Dear Sir/Madam,

I, ***, am self employed and run a business by the name of ******.  My son, Dr. Naseer *** ***, has passed his PLAB Part 1 examination and is intending to sit in PLAB Part 2 examination in the UK. His examination will be held on 24/Jan/2016. His details are as under:

Name Date of Birth Passport No.
Mr. Naseer *** **/**/**** ********

I am the main bread-earner of the house and I bear expenses of all of my family members. I have a monthly income of *** PKR (*** GBP) from my business, via the post office in cash. I have attached a letter from the post office, certifying these numbers.

I have already paid the booking fee of 840 GBP for Dr. Naseer *** ***’s PLAB Part 2 examination.

I am willing to help my son, Dr. Naseer *** ***, financially for his UK trip, if need be. If you require more information about my circumstances, you can contact me at my phone number given below.

Thank you!


List of My Attached Documents:
1. Computerized National Identity Card
2. Business/Visiting Card
3. Income Tax Return for the year 2015
4. Bank Statement for the last six months
5. Post Office Income Certificate
6. Land Ownership Documents
7. Utility Bills
8. Affidavit of Support


                                                                                                                        Yours’ Sincerely,

6 thoughts on “Father’s Letter of Support

  1. Hello Dr Nasser, please when you went for the visa interview, did you present the original copies of your father’s land ownership documents?

    1. No, I did not. Documents were not checked during the interview since the interview was on Skype (there is no British Embassy in Pakistan).

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