Whatever I know today, is because of kind people from Facebook. When I started my journey for PLAB, I did not know any details. People on Facebook were very generous. I will forever be thankful to them.

This website could not have been completed without the help of my friends and colleagues. I would like to thank each and every single person who helped me throughout my journey. Special thanks to the people who allowed me to share their posts on this website. These are the people who helped me with this website:

  1. Dr. Abu Khattab
  2. Dr. Ahmad Badr Mesbah
  3. Dr. Aman Nannuan
  4. Dr. Amigun Adebimpe
  5. Dr. Ammar Amjad
  6. Dr. Amna Arshad
  7. Dr. Ankit Mishra
  8. Dr. Ayaz Arif
  9. Dr. Azooz Alhashimi
  10. Dr. Bilal Afzal
  11. Dr. Bilal Masaud
  12. Dr. Conway Niu
  13. Dr. Erujj Rizvee
  14. Dr. Farah Sherazi
  15. Dr. Ferkhanda Zareen
  16. Dr. Fozia Chaudhary
  17. Dr. Golden Ogbonna
  18. Dr. Hassaan Arshad
  19. Dr. Hoor Zeb
  20. Dr. Housam M. Haider
  21. Dr. Husam Jamil
  22. Dr. Istiakh Chowdhury
  23. Dr. Iqra Marriyam
  24. Dr. Khalid Saifullah
  25. Dr. Kristopher Villanueva
  26. Dr. Madihah Afeez
  27. Dr. Maged Hassan
  28. Dr. Mahad Amjad
  29. Dr. Manijang Rai
  30. Dr. Maria Sundus
  31. Dr. Marjan Gohar
  32. Dr. Marina Akham
  33. Dr. Mehreen Malik
  34. Dr. Misha Malik
  35. Dr. Mohammad Saad
  36. Dr. Muhammad Usman Shams
  37. Dr. Murk Memon
  38. Dr. Mylene Lim
  39. Dr. Nadia Khan
  40. Dr. Omar Alam
  41. Dr. Par Sanjana Amin-Huq
  42. Dr. Raheela Mirza
  43. Dr. Reema Rasul
  44. Dr. Rao Taimoor Hameed
  45. Dr. Salil Korambayil
  46. Dr. Sami Raed
  47. Dr. Santosh Philip
  48. Dr. Sergey Barsamyan
  49. Dr. Shah Faisal Ahmad
  50. Dr. Shahvaiz Magsi
  51. Dr. Shahzadi Mohsin
  52. Dr. Shayan Qadir
  53. Dr. Shaz Khan
  54. Dr. Sherif Abdelmonem Algendy
  55. Dr. Shilpa Cheriyan
  56. Dr. Simra Siddiqui
  57. Dr. Shermin Raman
  58. Dr. Stephanie Joy Pelia
  59. Dr. Suha Abdulhai
  60. Dr. Syed Nouman Mohsin
  61. Dr. Syed Shahmeer Raza
  62. Dr. Tanher Zaheer
  63. Dr. Uroos Khan
  64. The Unity team (13 members with Sush Chowdhury as lead and As’ad Bhana as coordinator).

P.S. A few people wished to remain anonymous. Their names have not been mentioned. But I would like to thank all of them as well.