Options For Those Who Missed March PLAB 1

This post is for doctors who were unable to attempt or unable to pass PLAB 1 in March.

Before we go over your options, let us keep in mind that PLAB 1 is held in the UK four times a year: in March, June, September and November. However, it is held internationally only in March and November.

Let us consider your options now:


A) PLAB 1 in June or September in the UK

  1. This plan would take less time.
  1. It is not easy to get a visa for PLAB 1 if PLAB 1 is held in our home country. Having said that, there are examples of people who received a visa for PLAB 1. But this is not ideal or advisable.
  2. It might not be easy to complete everything on a single visa. You will end up requiring a second visa for PLAB 2 or GMC registration. Having said that, there are examples of people who do complete everything on a single visa. But this is not ideal or advisable.
  3. This plan would require more finances.
  4. In the case of visa rejection, it might make a negative impact on your future visa applications.


B) PLAB 1 in November in your Home Country

  1. You will have more than enough time to prepare for PLAB 1.
  2. You will have more than enough time to pass your MRCP 1 in September. This will be ideal because it will make PLAB 1 easier for you. Also, it will give you an edge later on in your career.
  3. You can easily plan your PLAB 2 on a single visa after this.
  4. Since you will take PLAB 1 in your home country, this plan will require fewer finances.
  1. This plan might take more time (but keep in mind that in the long run, it might take less time if you pass your MRCP 1 because of this plan).



I feel that when we look back in time, we might feel that waiting a few months for PLAB 1 was not a bad idea at all, specially if we pass MRCP 1 during this time. However, this is only what I think. At the end of the day, you should do what you feel is best for you. All the best!

15 thoughts on “Options For Those Who Missed March PLAB 1

  1. Hello sir
    Nice suggestion
    It would be appreciated if you could provide the details of the process for mrcp, as i am interested in it.

  2. Thank you sir. Pls what is mrcp and how does it fit into d plan? I didn’t pass March plab and would have loved to write in June but I have been told it will be difficult to get a visa. So wats this mrcp and how can I use it t keep busy?? Thanks again. nkechyz@yahoo.com

  3. You are a gem sir. As i am a H/O now, i have plan to give plab 1 at the end of my house job, which makes me exempted from FY1. what is the total time of FY2 for us who have done their house job in pakistan and to be eligible for Core training. Please reply. Thanks

    1. As soon as you get your FY2 competencies signed, you will be eligible to apply for CT. But I advise everyone to take their time and to not rush into training.

  4. @NaseersJourney Dear Naseer, thanks for the amazing blog! Really enjoying it. May I ask if you know about EU nationals having trained outside EU, and if they need to take PLAB to practise/any info about their pathway? Thanks!

  5. Aoa .. dr naseer… MASHALLAH u r such an inspiration .. i need to inquire about plab availability in 2019 .. as closing date is 20 sept for overseas and i can’t apply this year ..

    1. PLAB will be held overseas in March and November. It’ll also be held in the UK in March, June, September and November.

  6. what visa will i need to write plab 1 in UK if there is no availability of seats in my home country?

  7. What are the major reasons of our visa for june plab1 being getting rejected and how it would affect our future visa applications??

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